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Disclaimer: I have and claim no affiliation to the Vancouver Canucks organization, the NHL or any other organization mentioned in this blog. These opinions are my own, as a fan of hockey and more specifically, the Vancouver Canucks.

Now that that is out of the way, welcome and greetings to my very own hockey blog. I won't claim to be knowledgeable about the Canucks, the NHL, or even hockey in general, seeing as I never laced up a pair of skates in my life. But I have been a hockey fan since I first turned on the TV to CBC on a cold Saturday night way back when I was 6 years old and listened to Bob Cole and Harry Neale call a game between Vancouver and Toronto.

Getting back to the subject at hand, while I don't expect the Canucks and Dave Nonis to go out and spend on the major Free Agents, I do think that they should at least try to. We need offense, and it's clear that during the playoffs that what we had was inadequate. I have always been a fan of Brendan Morrison, seeing as I grew up practically next door to him in Pitt Meadows, but it's clear that due to injury problems, his best years are behind him. And don't get me started on our captain, Markus Naslund, even in my wildest dreams I never thought he'd end up playing that badly.

Could we land a Briere? Drury? Or even a Scott Gomez? Probably not, we'd be breaking the bank if we did and leave us with cap issues that would require us to dump salary and make it impossible to field a proper team without bringing in half of our farm team. That doesn't mean that I believe we should stay silent on July 1st. Try going after, say, a Paul Kariya that might be willing to come back to Vancouver for slightly less money for a longer-term contract. Why not make an offer for Todd Bertuzzi? He might be a pain in the ass and a cancer in the dressing room, but when he wants to play, no one can stop him.

Don't sign Linden, let him retire and enter our organization's head off as our Director of Community Relations. I know it'd be perfect for him, as he's very involved in community projects and charitable works. Make a few deals, dangle Morrison, Ohlund and the rights to Schneider for a decent second line center and more offensive help on the right side. Take chances with our chemistry, with Louie in net, Al-Vin behind the bench and our system in place goals against aren't going to be a problem. Let's make some waves and make the rest of the NHL fear us for more then just our defense and goaltending.

Besides, if nothing else, wouldn't you like to rub Toronto's face in the ice by stealing the players they want?
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