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This is a question a lot of Blues fans may be asking themselves about the events (or lack thereof) up to this point and time. Of course, this is still the beginning of the off season and there is still plenty of time left for him to do something, but we as fans are impatient. We want to see him makes some changes to fill holes that we see with the players we want and we want it now! As a fan I get that and understand it, but I also get that this is not NHL17 and these things take time and a partner that is willing and able to deal.

Armstrong is willing to make the deal, even though I hear numerous times that he doesnt have the guts to do it. Do we remember the big midnight Eric Johnson deal? Halak? Miller? Now I know some of these trades didn't work out (ok maybe all 3 of them), but you can't tell me he doesnt have the guts to pull off a big trade. You cannot tell me that when the deal for Halak and/or Miller happened you were not excited. Unfortunately sometimes these trades just don't work out, the player doesnt perform like we thought they would. But you can't tell me he hasn't tried. The one thing I really like about Armstrong is up to this point he has be patient. He is not willing to make a trade that creates another hole on the team, he thinks about the future and is not willing to make a trade that hurts this team down the road. Let's face it, for most fans it will never be enough unless the team wins the Stanley Cup. But even after that, if the team struggles, there will still be naysayers.

So, what does that mean for the team now? I still believe that Armie is on the phones trying to make moves. A lot of people thought we would get Drouin, as did I. But Montreal gave up a player that we don't have. What about Eberle? Do you think he is the answer? I think he could have helped, but $6m is a lot of money for a guy who may perform just as well as players we already have. What about Galchenyuk? JVR? I don't know, but I wouldn't be willing to give up to much for these guys because again, you might be creating a hole somewhere else to fill a hole with someone who "might" be the player you need.

The player that really intrigues me is Kovalchuk. This is a guy that I think could realistically come here because of the ties Broduer and Tarasenko. I know it's not his decision, but he should have some say in where he goes (See Shatty) & I think he would want to come here. The draft is coming up and I will admit I know nothing about these prospects so I can't comment on who the Blues may be targeting. But I know it seems this draft may have more moves than previous ones. I hear a lot that the Blues may be moving up to the top 15, even the top 5 to get a quality player. But I also hear they may be willing to part with some picks to bring in a quality player. I don't know, but I am willing to be patient and not judge this team and the job Armie has done in the off season until the off season is actually over.

Be patient my friends and let this play out.
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June 28, 2017 10:17 PM ET | Delete
Sorry but you got a young Schenn now and don't need an attitude like Kovalchuk in the room. Plus he is aging and for screwing the Devils over I think the Devs will want a lot to let him go and might just let him rot another year.
July 7, 2017 9:40 AM ET | Delete
This was written right before the draft. So....I asked for people to be patient and let it play out and Armstrong did something. I like the Schenn trade, especially dumping Lehtera's contract. I'm looking forward to seeing how he fits here. I sorta agree with Kovalchuk. He might be worth putting up with if he can put up the numbers. We need offense and he can definitely provide it. Maybe with Tarasenko and Brodeur here it can calm him down a bit (probably not.) I think the Reaves trade to pick up Kostin could be a steal as well. This Kostin kid looks like the real deal and could really turn out to be something special soon. There is talk that he could even be with the big club this year. He is coming off shoulder surgery and has not been cleared for contact as of yet. But he will be ready for the Traverse City Tournament. How he looks there could decide if he is ready to be in the NHL or not. Thanks
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