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Burke made right choice

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Gotta say...I'm more than a little tired of hearing how Burkie dropped the ball in Leafville by not trading off his players for 1st rounders. I implore you...what possible sense would that have made?

Burkie said he had offers for his players. He said 1st rounders were offered. What he DIDN'T say was where those picks were. It's no secret that this is a weak draft. Given that information, is it likely that Toronto would have drafted another Grabovski/Schenn/Whatever other Leaf Player you care to name at whatever position was being offered up?


Beyond the top three to five picks, it drops off in a hurry. In fact, a case could be made that this is really just a one-horse-race, and the best player in the draft may not necessarily be 'Nailed' down, so to speak. Frankly, I'm more intrigued by who Toronto may pick at #35, rather than at #5.

The general fan base seems to think that first rounders equal top liners. That's simply not the case. The likelyhood of those deals being offered is that Burke knew the players he had gave him more depth, a better core, and more probable success in the future. Afteall, the cupboard is already filled with hit or miss prospects. The Leafs don't need more of those. They need NHL caliber players, of which they have quite a few. It's now just a matter of topping it all off with the missing pieces of the puzzle...something that is much easier said than done.

Yes, Parise, Luongo, Nash and Shultz would be great additions while losing the contracts of Komisarek, Connolley, Armstrong and Schenn. Likely to happen? Not without a lot of GMs suddenly forgetting how to do their jobs. In today's world of instant information, the Milbury deals are over. Burke's going to have to pay fair value for these players...and it remains to be seen if he has those kinds of assets lying around.

As a Toronto fan, I'm hoping miracles happen. As a realist...I'm willing to let Burke continue the rebuild as he sees fit. No panic button here...I don't believe less points than last year equals a poorer showing.

Or does everyone else forget about wanting Toronto to tank...?
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