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Buffalo and Bobby Ryan?

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The past few days on Twitter have been crazy about the possible moves that teams are making for Anaheim forward Bobby Ryan. The one thing I hate about twitter is you never know what deals are actually true and which are fake. I've heard Philadelphia , Buffalo, and Boston have all made offers to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan, Lets go more in depth on these possible trades.

Lets start with Buffalo as that's the trade I know the most about. I've read two possible trades both involving Andrej Sekera. The first trade I read was (LW) Thomas Vanek, (D-Man) Andrej Sekera, and a 2013 First Round Pick to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan. I've seen people everywhere saying this a good trade and Buffalo should pull the trigger, I disagree. Thomas Vanek can put up the same if not better at time numbers than Bobby Ryan and lets remember Vanek has done it without the help of Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. Also Vanek has leadership, I think he should have been captain before Pominville, and a lot of people say he's lazy but if you watch the games most of the time he works his ass off to back check and a lot of the time he's successful at stealing the puck. There's no way to tell if Bobby Ryan could produce at the same level in Buffalo. I think its stupid to trade 3 players for just 1 in return. I've always liked Sekera and think he's a good puck moving d-man but does make mistakes but is better than Gragnani, I think we can all agree on that. Also I've heard this years draft is suppose to be filled with most talent we've seen in a while, but that's just something I've heard. Also let's not forget WHO carried the Sabres offensively while everyone else was taking a vacation, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville, I would not trade Vanek, Sekera, 1st Rnd Pick for Bobby Ryan.

Another possible trade I read for Buffalo was Stafford, Sekera, Adam, 1st Rnd pick for Bobby Ryan. That's crazy come on 3 good players and a pick for one player. I'm all set, Stafford Ennis Foligno lit it up at the end of the year last year. I know it could have been just a fluke but if they can do that for a whole season, than we don't need Ryan but you can never know with Stafford. Luke Adam I don't mind seeing him leave because I honestly don't see him making team in the near future if even ever, esp with the additions of Grigorenko, Girgensons. I know everyone has said injuries shouldn't be an excuse for our poor season but come on lets be real we had 9 rookies in the lineup at once, I see this as a giant disadvantage. Buffalo is one good center away from being a very solid team and I think Grigorenko is it and we don't need any drastic change. I see both Grigorenko and Girgensons challenging Hodgson for that number one spot in 1-3 years.

I think Philadelphia has the best chance at getting Bobby Ryan as their offer was Matt Read, 2013 1st Rnd Pick, Laughton (I don't know much about him), and Andrej Meszaros. Matt Read is an very talented right winger who proved it in his rookie season with 47 pts, 3 pts less than same age Drew Stafford, but the biggest thing about Matt Read is his cap hit at a steal of $900,000 for this upcoming season and the next. The only thing that Sekera shares with Meszaros is his first name. Meszaros is a very good d-man and can add some offense similar, if not better than, Sekera. Also another plus about Meszaros is straight up experience, he's played in about 200 more NHL more than Sekera. I see Philadelphia desperate since they could not get Weber or Rick Nash so they will go hard for Bobby Ryan.

Boston has reportedly made an offer to Anaheim that does not include Milan Lucic or David Krejci but I don't have anymore information than that.

To summarize I don't think Buffalo should trade for Bobby Ryan, I rather see them work there rookies (Grigorenko, Girgensons) into the lineup and see how that works. I see Philly making the trade for Ryan, but to be honest I don't see Ryan having the same numbers without Getzlaf and Perry.

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