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"The Avs are going to be a dangerous team in the near future...Look OUT!"
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While a team like Detroit might be closer to winning a cup *now* don't you think if he was signing somewhere he would want the team to be competitive on the long term basis? I am not doubting that Detroit will be competitive because of their management but with Lidstrom retiring and Datsyuk and Zetterberg on the downswing of their careers, they are going in the opposite direction of the Avs.

I might be a little biased here but from all of the things I have heard/read from the Suter camp, I think Colorado has a very realistic chance. Let's look at the facts:

- Colorado has the most cap space to sign him and can match any offer
- He will (likely) want to sign with a team that has a chance to win the cup in the near future. With at least one young, potential franchise player at each position the Avs have a wealth of young talent which will continue to improve and just missed out on the playoffs this year. They will likely make the playoffs next year even without Suter.
- He is familiar with several American teammates already on the Avs like Stastny, EJ, and Mueller
- He wants to stay West

Of the possible teams like Detroit, St. Louis, Minnesota or Nashville I don't think any team can match all of these factors. I think St. Louis, Nashville and the Avs have the best chance from all of the factors I have heard. Nashville needs more skill up front, and Minny is still a couple pieces away from being a contender, as people are citing family is the main reason he would move there. Well the Avs play minny 6 times a year so he would still get a chance to see them. I will most likely be wrong, but I think Colorado has a much better chance than most people think.

Also, I think instead of trying to land a superstar forward, it would be much more beneficial to get a superstar defenseman. He put up 7 goals and 39 assists for 46 points, he played 79 out of 82 games.

Even if we did this deal, the Avalanche i would expect would still bring in a LW to play with Duchene. Maybe a LW that is underated in the NHL.

We'll have to wait and see..
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Here's how close the Avs are to signing Suter, first Detroit, Minnesota , Blackhawks , preds, rest of NHL, avs!!
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