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Ok, here we go!! There's been lots of speculation of a major deal between the Oilers and the Sabres. Most bloggers are insisting the main parts involve Gagner from Edmonton and Sekera from Buffalo. Now this is an interesting deal but I would not consider this "major" as stated by Eklund on this site.

I think any major deal involving these two clubs will obviously involve Gagner going east and also a dman heading to Western Canada. However, to consider this a major deal the dman heading to Edmonton would have to be either Myers or Ehrhoff. So let's put our focus on the guy Edmonton would really love to have in Myers!!

Now before you guys jump all over the message board and say that Myers in untouchable, as an Oiler fan and once seeing Gretzky leave here via a trade, I'll be the first to say there is no such thing as untouchable!!

Ok, so what would it take for the Oilers to pry Myers from the Sabres?? Gagner is most likely a part of the deal. I'm thinking with the lack of prospects on the wing in Buffalo (outside of Foligno and Armia) that the Sabres will be looking for a top prospect that could soon play on the wing in their top 6. Enter Magnus Pajaarvi. Great skillset just lacking a little confidence. Bring him to Buffalo and give him 16-18 minutes a night alongside Hodgson and the guy will put up numbers!

I'm thinking it will take alot more than just Gagner and Pajaarvi to get Myers, so let's throw in Teemu Hartikainen as well. I know Oiler fans are gonna hate the thought of losing both Magnus and Teemu but the return in worth it! As a fan in Buffalo you may still be thinking this isn't enough to get Myers so let's keep going.

So far we have Gagner, Pajaarvi and Hartikainen for Myers. So Buffalo picks up a center that they desperately need, and Edmonton gets the defenseman that they desperately need. As mentioned before, Buffalo has little prospects on the wing in their system. they have pretty decent wingers on their current roster but not much in the minors so here you add two above average prospects.

I'll add the point that if there is a trade to be made here it will be part of something that Buffalo will use to get Bobby Ryan in a future trade.

Back to this deal, What else will it take to make this "major" deal go down?? Seeing the gap down the middle in Buffalo and the fact that the Oilers are looking to move Belanger, is there a fit here?? I think so!! maybe as part of a salary dump the Oilers take the underacheiving Leino in return? Maybe Edmonton throws in a 1st rounder in 2014?

Alright, this is the deal I have come up with:

To Edmonton:
Myers-$5.5m hit
Leino-$4.5m hit Total of $10m per

To Buffalo:
Gagner-$3.2m hit
Belanger-$1.75m hit
Pajaarvi-$1.525m hit
Hartikainen-$0.875m hit Total of $6.6m per

Keep in mind that Gagner, Pajaarvi and Hartikainen are all in the last year of their contracts!

Would you make this trade?? let me know what you think??
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