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First off, in case you didn't hear.. the Flyers sent an official trade offer to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan. Philly would be shipping off Meszaros, Read, Laughton, and a 1st Rd pick in '13. Ultimately, I would be okay with this trade. Matt Read had a great rookie season and I don't see him following in the footsteps of Leino in a production standpoint, but Im okay with shipping him out. As for Meszaros... that's a tougher pill for me to swallow. I have always really like Andrej and it would suck to see him go, but acquiring Bobby Ryan would be great, so i hope it goes through. Buffalo is said to be putting a package together for the Ducks by tomorrow. That would have to include Ennis to even take it seriously, I would assume. Only time will tell.


With Chris Prongers career likely coming to an end, the Philadelphia Flyers will need to stitch the old C on someones jersey this coming year. Due to injury, the Flyers were without a captain for much of the 2011-2012 season.

Lets go a few years back: 2007-2008, the Flyers named Jason Smith as the captain. (pre mature decision? possibly) After his 1 year at the head of the Flyers, he was shipped out. The following year we made Mike Richards captain. Richards was very young, and probably was not ready for the role of Captain. This has a large part of why I think Claude should not be captain.

Claude Giroux had a true breakout year in '11-'12 which put him in the realm of superstardom of the NHL. He led the Flyers (ending 3rd in the NHL) in points with 93. Who could forget his memorable first shift against the Penguins where he DECKED Sidney Crosby and seconds later, ripped a wrister right past Fleury. While yes him telling Lavi to give him that shift and making that type of impression is remarkable..but I don't think C worthy, yet.

With Claude breaking out this year, do we really need another Mike Richards? Given the C too early, instead of focusing on development, the focus is on the leadership role which is what I think got many people on Richies back, especially in the '10-'11 playoffs. I think the same thing goes for Claude. I think this year (and a few after) Giroux should be focusing on not only reaching, but destroying the 100 point mark which he is completely capable of doing. He should focus on really developing to a top 3 NHL player and then worry about captaincy.

Danny Briere and Kimmo Timonen only have so many years left in the tank and with contracts expiring soon, I see one of them fit for the C. Briere, former captain of the Sabres and Timonen, former captain of the Predators, know how to wear that C day in and day out and would wear it well in the City of Brotherly Love. I think it would be best played to have one of them take control while Giroux still rocks the A and focuses on development until it is his time to stitch the C on and take our Flyers to glory.
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I agree, 1 shift doesn't make a player. Just like Giroux's shift when he took an undisciplined penalty that cost him a game suspension against the NJD doesn't tell the whole story. Go with a vet for this young team....for now IMHO.
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