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First of all Bergevin addressed one of the biggest needs the Canadiens have had for the last few years and that is team toughness. Over the last two years the only guys willing to stand up for their teammates was White, Moen and Staubitz. Even though these guys are gamers they did not put a lot of fear in opposing players, and the other teams would run around which has contributed to the number of man games lost due to injuries.

Enter Prust, Bouillon, and Armstrong, exit Darche, Staubitz, and Campoli. Armstrong if healthy is an upgrade over Darche (loved the guys work ethic but his talent will never match his heart), Prust is a much more useful player than Staubitz and Campoli never really got going in Montreal. So these moves have made the Canadiens marginally better than they were, however none of these guys are going to be game changers. What they may do is open up some room for guys like Eller, Plekanec, and Gionta and prevent some injuries, however as of right now I do not see the Habs good enough yet to be considered an elite team.

For the Habs to get better they need to land a top six forward by trade or F/A. Some names out there are Jagr, Ryan, Nash, Doan and E Kane. Does Bergevin have any other tricks up his sleeve? Something has got to give as the roster is overflowing indicating to me that there should be a trade in the Habs future.

Lineup right now

Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole
Gionta - Plekanec - Bourque
Moen - Eller - Leblanc
Prust - White - Armstrong

spares under contract= Gomez, Nokelainen, Geoffrion, Blunden, Palushaj
Prospects making a push = Gallagher, Kristo, Galchenyuk

Subban - Gorges
Markov - Emelin
Kaberle - Bouillon

Spares = Weber, Diaz, St-Denis
Prospects = Beaulieu, Tinordi, Ellis, Nash

We all know who our goalie will be.

Looks to me that there will be more to come, our third and fourth lines are set lets get working on the second.
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