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Why does every year feel more and more painful as a Leaf fan? I think that after this year the new CBA will work to the advantage of the leafs or at least put the on a level playing field with the rest of the NHL teams. Burke doesn't believe in these long term contracts, and even though it sucks to see big names pass up Toronto year after year, there is a method to his madness. Hopefully after this year's CBA agreement, the longest contract that will be allowed to be offered will be 6 or 7 years. If you take this years free agency market for example, Parise is going to sign for over 10years and definately over 80-90 million dollars. Would you put him in your top 5 nhlers currently playing right now? I wouldn't! He might make most peoples top 10, but hes getting paid like hes a top 5 player. These deals that are being made simply dont make sense, and they seem to be made because of GMs folding to pressure, or simply overhyping players. These teams are gunna be hella poor after signing these big names and wont be able to get any add on pieces when they need it. As for the Leafs, Burke is gunna add to his team by making significant yet logical trades. Dont expect to see TOR in the nash mix either because Burkie definately is coughing up that kind of ransom anytime soon. So what kind of trade makes most sense for Burkie now? Do you think the CBA will help TOR going forward? let me kn ow what you think!
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