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As I was writing a response to Mr. Christopher's, I felt that it would be better suited as it's own blog instead of just a short reply.

First off I would like to say that I agree 100% with everything Chris said, great blog... and to everybody calling Heatley a murderer and bringing up Atlanta, just stop. This scenario is completely different and I don't think anybody in the Atlanta organization has any hard feelings about his request for a fresh start. This time around though, a little different.

I do agree that Heatley wants to be the man without the spotlight and attention of being the man, especially in a hockey-crazed market. But to me it just more sounds like a lack of motivation and contentment with mediocrity. Heatley wants to make his $7.5M and score 50 goals and if he does well thats just good enough with him. If the team fares well great, bonus... if not at least he is pleased with his own performance. Last season when Clouston took over Heatley's ice-time decreased and was shifted to the second PP unit. It was for the better of the team as Heatley wasn't playing up to par and wasn't physically where he should've been. Did he see it that way, as a teammate thinking about the big picture? Nope, he just became disgruntled and we are now in this situation. Instead of working out hard and training all summer to be ready and earn what he thinks is rightfully his and help the team win the Cup, he requested a trade instead.

So now who does Heatley go to? Edmonton I think will try and make the biggest push, but I don't think they have the assets that will benefit Ottawa for this coming season. Ottawa isn't in rebuild mode, they had a bad season they retooled some areas and are ready for the playoffs. So Edmonton throwing the 10th and prospects and say Cogliano in a package, not happening.

I do however agree with Mark that Los Angeles will be Heatley's new home. It just makes too much sense. But could it be a bigger trade than just Heatley going to Los Angeles?

The base of the trade is probably Alexander Frolov and the 5th overall for Heatley.

But what if Murray worked out the trade to be oh say this....

To Los Angeles: Dany Heatley, Filip Kuba, Alexandre Picard
To Ottawa: Alexander Frolov, Jack Johnson, Tom Preissing, 2009 1st round pick


Dany Heatley, Alexander Frolov and the 1st round pick. Pretty much the reason for the deal, could be done straight up like this and I don't think either team would complain.

Dean Lombardi is having trouble negotiating with Johnson and has had a tendency to trade away players when this happens. Lombardi is apparently seeking a more veteran defenseman who is signed, can help the young defense core along as well as put up points. Kuba is coming off a career high in points and was a +4 during an atrocious Ottawa campaign. At 6'5 225lbs he is no slouch to the physical part of the game. He is only 32 and signed for 3 more seasons at a reasonable $3.7M. Let's not forget he has a Stanley Cup ring and the experience that comes with it to help along Doughty, Hickey and Teubert. As for Johnson I would expect to sign him to a similar contract as Vlasic in San Jose $3.1M for three or four years, seems a fair comparison to me.

Alexandre Picard would help sweeten the pot. He has a lot of offensive upside and talent and is only 22. He could fit in very nicely with their young group and is making an affordable 800K this season.

Here is where it would get clever... Tom Priessing. Lombardi has been looking to dump Preissing and his 2 years remaining at $2.75M contract. Now Lombardi knows he isn't going to get anything back in a trade for him and would have to trade him with a pick to a team with cap space just to unload him (much like Burke did at the deadline taking on Kolzig, Heward etc. for a pick and giving only something in return to make it a legitimate trade) If Ottawa were willing to take that on, I think Lomardi would strongly consider. Freeing up $2.75M of cap space for each of the next two seasons is big. It could also theoretically balance out the bonus of $4M Heatley is owned if that were a sticking point for Lombardi... which I don't think it is for most GM's strongly interested.

Ottawa could then have Preissing tryout for the camp and see if he turns it around. If not they could just bury him in the minors and pay him the $2.75M to help Karlsson and the other young defensemen. It's a lot of money to pay someone in the minors, but Melnyk's has the deep pockets and if it entices Lombardi enough and Ottawa gets Johnson, could be worth it.

So Ottawa takes on Frolov $2.9M, Johnson $3.1M (hypothetical) and Preissing ($2.75). Ottawa sends Preissing to the minors and would then only take in return $6M in salary. For Ottawa to get a top line winger and a future top pairing defenseman while freeing up $1.5M in cap space (not to mention the 5th overall pick) could be a heaven sent that Heatley requested his trade. Ottawa would only have roughly $46.5M spent on 11 forwards (including Bass), 8 defensemen, 2 goaltenders and Emery's buyout. Thats quite a bit of cash remaining to sign someone like Cammalleri.

Of course this is all based on my opinion of what could happen, it probably won't go down this way. But if it does Heatley's request could be the TSN turning point for Ottawa to get back to the contenders level.
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June 17, 2009 11:44 AM ET | Delete
Why trade away Kuba when you can give Smith, that would make more sense to me then giving away Kuba for free.... it would make more sense to trade Heatley/Smith/Picard... for Frolov/JJ/5th Pick....I wouldnt even take preising back... and i dont think he wants to come back to ottawa... he was really upset at brian Murray with the lack of playing time in the finals...also frolov will be going in his last year of contract and same for JJ... so wouldnt give too much...
June 18, 2009 3:41 PM ET | Delete
You are overrating Dany Heatley. Why would the Kings take on Smith's bad contract and give you the 5th overall pick? The common theme I see here is that Sens fans don't seem to have ever seen Frolov play. He's better than you guys are saying. More real proposition would be Frolov, JJ and 5th overall for Heatley the 9th overall and something small.
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