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Probally one person will not read this as I don't know where it goes or what the deal with this blog thing is regardless it is even a chance to vent in my own way and for my own benefit. I didn't read the article and don't plan on it but someone posted a blog about so I think I got the gist of it. It ranks the maple leafs as the worst franchise in sports or something along those lines based on whatever criteria hat would be used to determine that. UN Stinking believable and I beg to freaking differ. Before I hop on my soapbox (similar to the tree in the forest question, is it a soapbox when I will be the only one to hear or see this rant...) A quick self deprecating statement, it has not been easy being a leafs fan, loads of ridicule, disappointment, heartbreak, terrible teams, crazy senile owners, decades of ineptitude etc etc. All of those statements and so much more would support the Espn ( Especially. Smart, Probaly . Nott.) last place ranking. It is for all these negatives and so much more that this ranking needs to be turned upside down. The single best franchise in any sport in the world is the Toronto Maple Leafs hands down. Put that in your pipe and have a haul on her Espn , my criteria and basis is much different. Here's my factors that I developed with complicated algorithms bar slides circle graphs two abacuses and my left hand and right foot. Here's some catch words and an expansion on each, Profitability, I hate the importance of this in sports but you would be moronic to not acknowledge the importance of the bottom line in any ranking. How can the only team that has not made the playoffs since the lockout be the most profitable team in hockey, it is sports biggest oxy moron and is because the fan base is rabid. Red sox nation yah right, have one losing season and see how many empty seats, the Yankees lose five in a row and people stop coming And these are "great loyal fan bases" and they don't scratch the surface of Leafs Nation. We don't make the playoffs for ten years and we still buy our babies leafs booties and soothers. To me the most important aspect of sports is the fan hands down black and stinking white. Do the 18000 people at Air Canada mausoleum represent the passion of leafs nation, not even close. When in Half the arenas we go to we're rowdier than the home fans that is a way better representative of leaf nation. We are passionate, we are thick skinned, we are loyal, we are knowledgable, we are patient, we are the best fans on the planet bar none. It is because of this that we are Leafs Nation and we represent the BEST franchise in all of sports. Just wait till you give us something to cheer about.
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