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Well I couldn't watch OT yesterday Buff/Ottawa on NBC and had to settle for crappy non Hi-Def TV on VS.. Bettman, you better start working harder on making this more of a main stream sport that us TRUE fans can watch without interruption!

Also, get Mike "DOC" Emerick off the air when it comes to Detroit games. How can such an esteemed broadcaster with many awards and years of calling hockey be so blinded by his home team (Michigan resident.) The calling of the games by Emerick is deplorable! He calls the game in favor of the RedWings all of the time. Just listen to his descriptions.

Shame on DOC!

As for Olcyk and McGuire as the color, they are not doing bad. But if you want the best color around just call up Brian Hayward. Yes, he is a Ducks broadcaster, but he never shows his bias on a nationally televised game!

Finally the Ducks have made is to NBC! Another shameful act by NBC and the NHL not to have more Ducks games televised. We know that they are afraid to show a physical team that has been able to get the job done all year long. Enough is Enough NBC and NHL. You will be forced to now when the Ducks make it to the Finals!
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May 21, 2007 11:04 PM ET | Delete
What?!? All of this, and you forgot to tear Brett Hull a new....earhole!Agree with you, but it's probably a cross we'll have to bear. Anaheim isn't a hockey town, (yet), so we'll continue to get short shifted when it comes to nationwide TV.
May 21, 2007 11:49 PM ET | Delete
Boy are you right! Sorry, I was so amped up on Emerick. I have loved Hull's comments until the Ducks series. I think Randy Youngman hit it on the head today in the OC Register with Hull and Ferraro, what BS! I told my wife that the Ducks controlled most of OT, I was wondering what game Hull and Ferraro were watching. Let's bear our crosses through the Stanley Cup Finals.GO DUCKS! Look for me behind the Ducks goal..
May 24, 2007 10:35 PM ET | Delete
I have to say -- I am so thankful the Ducks have not been on NBC -- I hate afternoon games! Hockey is a night game, I can not tolerate those noon starts. Frustrating to miss the OT Saturday (I TiVo day games to watch them at night).
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