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Darcy's waiting game

Posted 10:55 AM ET | Comments 0
Rumors have been floating around for a while on Different players Buffalo is chasing. Names like Stasney, Ryan, and most recently Gagner have all shown up in rumors. It turns out, Buffalo could be setting up something a little better than most would have thought.

Recently the Flyers lost another D due to injury. The Oilers and Ducks are in desperate need of a good D-Man.

Any one see where I am going with this?

Buffalo has there eye on top 6 players. Sekera is a top D that cloud be used in any trade. Also let's not forget how Adam is not needed anymore now that we drafted Grigerenko, Girgenson, and last year Armia.

Darcy has some real tools to make a Deal work. The question really is who is he going to use them on?
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