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"Habberfied on Habs"
Montreal, QC • Canada • 38 Years Old • Male
The lock-out is over, NHL hockey is back, one thing remains as it did before the lock-out, P.K. Subban is still un-signed. Should P.K. be signed at all costs?

P.K. Subban is one of the NHL`s biggest mouths, a taunter if you will, he is also one of the league`s best young defensemen, a good hitter, got better defensively as he replaced Andrei Markov for 65 games last year, he will be a star in the NHL, but not yet.

Although keeping the same point totals from the previous year with less goals due to more defensive assignments and bad placement on the power play, P.K. has shown everyone that he is more than capable of being a star, but he has not achieved stardom yet.

Subban needs to learn how to be more mature, especially around his own players. Although it isn`t entirely his fault, previous bad management offered nothing to surround P.K. except for throwing then Habs d-man Hal Gill to calm him down from time to time.

With the past two seasons behind us, Subban has shown that he deserves a big raise, one might say 2.5 million a year for two years would be more than sufficient, as DelZotto and Kulikov have both signed for that amount with their respective teams.

Some could argue that P.K. deserves a little more than DelZotto and Kulikov as he was relied on to be the teams number one d man last year with the absence of Markov, how about 3-3,5 million a year for two years?

P.K. needs to sign a transition deal short term and still keep proving his worth because he will get even better than he is now, then go for the long term high slalry, not now.

The Montreal Canadiens fans were chanting ``WE WANT PK`` the other night at the open to the public free two 20 minute period scrimmage, so obviously the fans want him back, unfortunately with the new CBA and the departed (bought out) Scott Gomez, new management sees things more clearly than previous management did.

Canadiens gm Marc Bergevin stated earlier this week that he has no intentions of trading Subban and wants him on the team.

Question remains, will Subban and Don Meeehan ( one of his agents) follow the trend (DelZotto and Kulikov) or will they keep holding out for more cash and tarnish Subban beloved off ice stardom in Montreal?

Do the Canadiens need Subban, yes, do the fans love him and want him back, yes, do the players want him back, I`m sure most do.

I for one would like to see Subban back, he does bring unpredictable hits, goals, assists, attitude, and good defensive play, but not at any price.

Hopefully Subban and the Canadiens will get the deal done sooner rather than later as this is becoming a distraction.
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