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Max Afinogenov is in the ultimate contract year. Not only is he in the last year of his contract, but he was shopped around in the offseason and is auditioning for all 30 other teams in the NHL either via trade during the season, jockeying for line placement on the Sabres or for his free agent contract following the season. Right now, it looks like we are going to go be getting a better version of Max than we had a year ago, but thats not really saying much. I hope for our sake he keeps it up.......

The Sabres are loaded with high quality fantasy options as far as I can tell. Before you listen to this, I do have to confess that I am a fantasy hockey neophyte and an unabashed Sabres optimist. That being said, I do feel that Derek Roy (88th on ESPN's list) and Jason Pominville (137th) are both poised to increase their point totals from last year and have point totals in the high 80s or low 90s. Both Stafford and Max had poor showings last year and may also be able to be found at bargain values (assuming you don't have other Sabres fans in your league, hehe).....

Timmy Connolly is my favorite player on the Sabres. I can't get over his sick moves and power play quarterbacking. Plus, his haircut is bad ass. Yes, even though he is almost as fragile as a combination of Mr. Glass from Unbreakable and Marissa Cooper's psyche from the O.C., I still think that he is our biggest key towards making a playoff run this year. Yes, I just referenced a teen drama that has been off the air for almost 2 years.....that is the way you build a readership! End man crushing.........for now.

I worry about how the Sabres are going to set the final roster this year. Our depth is all over the place and I have no idea who should be starting and who should be sent down to the minors. We have so many young talents on forward with no places to put them. Players like Nathan Gerbe and Clarke Macarthur are going to need to fight tooth and nail to find a spot on the Sabres roster while players like Ales Kotalik (perennial underachiever), Andrew Peters (waste of a roster spot) and Pat Kaleta (firecracker, but with no appreciable offensive abilities) seem to be locked in. Personally, I think that Peters

This is also an issue on the defensive side. As far as I can tell, the top end of the defense is set with Tallinder, Lydman, Spacek and Rivet as the anchors. The last 2 spots appear to be completely up for grabs with Nate Paetsch, Andrej Sekera, Teppo Numminen and Mike Weber fighting for playing time. Even more players are in the mix, but this is enough to think about as it is. I know I shouldn't be complaining about having too many talented players on the roster, but this situation just gives me a headache.

I don't know why this is, but I am happy that we have gotten rid of some of the bandwagon fans after last year's disappointing season. Ever since the 2004 Red Sox, bandwagon fans have irked me to no end and the Sabres were one of those teams that just attracted them left and right. I complain when Buffalo teams don't get the respect they deserve by the media and I complain when the new bandwagon fans don't know who Dominik Hasek was. I think that is the true Buffalo sports fan in me coming out. Never happy, no matter what the situation. Good times!

Enough of me for now........good day!
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September 29, 2008 1:42 PM ET | Delete
I can't agree more about your comment regarding bandwagon fans. I have loved the Sabres for around 11 years (that's more than half my life), and the peers of mine who just automatically become diehard fans when the team makes the playoffs makes me sick. I was talking to one of my bandwagon friends during one of the playoff runs a few years back, and I recall her saying, "I hope Marty Biron starts," "Why?" I asked. "Because he has the most beautiful eyes." Yeah, some fan.
September 29, 2008 6:30 PM ET | Delete
I know preseason doesn't mean anything with respect to the standings, but I am concerned with the lack of scoring and poor defense when it is most needed.Perhaps, I am just being a worry wort, but I'd feel much more sanguine as to the future if the Sabres if they were 4 and 0 instead of 1 and 3.
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