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Bastil: Short for...

Posted 6:14 PM ET | Comments 0
"the BASTard makes me ILl."


For those who frequent Sportsnet, you may have seen the latest pile of horsecrap that David Bastil spewed out all over the front page today. For the second time in the last month, he wrote a completely unintelligent blog about why Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player EVAH and tacked on some random, uncalled for, irrelevant Buffalo bashing.

This idiot is the single largest blemish on Sportsnet. He went so far to say on his latest pile of manure that "The next NHLer that complains about a Canadian city should be forced to live in Buffalo." Hate to break it to you Bastil, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are a lot of NHL players who would love to play in Buffalo over where they are right now. (Anybody that plays on the Blue Jackets, for example: while I certainly don't OMG TTLY H8 Columbus - I'm there for a week once a year - it's not the most glorious city in the US, and the sinple face of the matter is that their team is horrible.)

He alone is responsible for my watching TSN every moment I get when given an option - the only time I will watch Sportsnet is when the Blue Jays are on, and I don't exactly have a choice there. It's a shame, really - I still love Mike Toth, and have since his days when he was back doing sports here in Calgary; as well as most of their other on-air personalities - but I refuse to in any way support a network who employs such a biased, pro-cheater, pigheaded, MORONIC TOOL.

Thank heavens that TSN has both NHL playoff hockey, as well as all the IIHF events. Myself, my dad, and my brother are in the group that will always get up at 4am to watch the World Junior Hockey Championship, the World Senior Men's Hockey Championship, the Olympics, anything Canadian hockey. The less I have to put up with Sportsnet, the better off I'll be - being witness to the fanatical blabbering of the least intelligent sports blogger in the history of the internet makes my blood boil.
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