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"2 Over 1 Under"
Vancouver, BC • Canada •
Just saw this from Canadian Press:

"A large section of the roof blew off the top of Montreal's Maurice Richard Arena on Thursday, apparently by the force of powerful winds.

Part of the roof, about the size of a couple of school buses, tumbled down the side of an exterior wall onto some trees. Officials did not report any injuries."

Well, I guess there is no way they could build something with the strength of the Rocket!

Here`s an old story about Richard to prove the point:

On February 3, 1945, Richard scored a goal while carrying Red Wings defenceman Earl Siebert, who weighed 95 kilograms (210 lb). According to Red Storey who refereed the game:

“Earl Seibert jumped on his back. Jumped on his back! Put his arms around him. And his legs around him. The Rocket never broke stride. He went in, deked the goalkeeper, scored a goal, and shook Seibert and threw him in the corner."

I know how today`s GM is looking for the next great power forward, but instead of looking for a Cam Neeley or Thomas Holmstrom, they should be looking for the next Rocket Richard!

(And don`t forget Richard was written off as a lemon early in his career because he got hurt and was tagged as "brittle.`)

So, when you look around the NHL and see a guy getting his career off to a rough start, think of the Rocket and give him a break (not his leg or arm.)

Thanks for reading... oh, and a prize if you know where my handle (2Over 1Under) comes from.
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