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I have been blasting on Twitter all night!! Nobody has sympathy for millionaires – or billionaires – on strike. Now they can all fly to Cabo and sulk, while waiting for their 5 digit weekly checks to roll in again. What about the people who just lost their jobs – and possibly their homes? – because of all of this…

Wealthy people do not often fraternize with normal people, and I’ll bet most of these people we’re mad at do not personally know anyone who has been laid off, lost their jobs, and been stuck on unemployment (or worse!). Well, as a former Hartford Whalers season ticket holder, and after 4 strikes/lockouts, these people have piddled in my Cheerios for the last time. The current players should conference call Gordie Howe, and ask him about his paychecks. $500 a week, at best, for years and years… he didn’t play for the money - he played because hockey was a part of his soul.

My name is Whalerlady, and I am trying to start a fan movement. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!! This entire country’s been overvalued, and subsequently devalued, over the last 15 years. Fans (most of which are struggling in this economy) should not have to choose between hockey tickets and normal weekly expenditures. So, let’s see if we can make the NHL roll their ticket prices back, like all of our homes’ values and our salaries have been!! If you like this idea, please tweet #NHLFANSTRIKE or #STAYHOMEUNTILNHLTICKETPRICESDROP – or write a letter to someone in a position to publish it. My name on Twitter is Whalerlady too. I have created a Facebook fan page called Stay home until NHL ticket prices drop. Tell them how you feel!!!


WE PAY THEIR SALARIES – the players’ salaries AND the owners’ salaries. We can make a difference if we try hard enough.

Thank you all for reading this, and putting up with me. Time for more beer, and KHL updates.
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