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I believe that is the mainstream media debate we are participating in, is it not? Should we send a team of absolute all-stars (we could probably send two teams) or should we try to assemble a roster of players who enjoy great chemistry with each other whilst playing in the NHL. Well let's do both and see how it turns out, shall we?

All-Star Team Canada


Roberto Luongo
Carey Price
Mike Smith

It is really hard to argue with these three candidates. In my opinion they are miles ahead of Holtby and Crawford. Regardless of how many cups have been won. Luongo and Price have experience and success at the international level and I think that goes a long way in a decision of this magnitude. As for Mike Smith, he's not known for his international appearances aside from last year's World Championships where he shutout the Swedes and held his own against the Swiss and the Czechs. Holtby is the youngest and in order for him to usurp Smith for that shiny bench seat, he'll have to have a helluva start to the NHL season. I don't really consider Crawford because he plays behind an amazing team. I'd Argue that Dubnyk would put up the same performances if he played for Chicago.


Duncan Keith - Drew Doughty
Marc Staal - Shea Weber
Jay Boumeester - Alex Pietrangelo
Kris Letang - PK Subban

Intelligence, skating ability, agility, composure, big game players. These are all words that could be used to describe that list of defenders. No country in the world can compete with the amount of depth we have on defence. I'm leaving out Seabrook, Boyle, Alzner, Green, and Phaneuf just to name a few.


E.Staal - Crosby - Stamkos
Carter - Toews - Giroux
Couture - Tavares - Eberle
Hall - Bergeron - Nash
St.Louis, Sharp

Olympic ice means big slow players are at a disadvantage. Sorry Getzlaf, Perry, Thornton, J.Staal, Lucic, and Ladd. Also worth noting is Head Coach Mike Babcock's sentiments on the 2014 team, "It's not 2010." Meaning that it's time for a new generation of Olympians to emerge. Hall, Eberle, Taveres, Couture, Giroux, and Stamkos, it's your turn. Good luck shutting down this forward roster!! I wouldn't be surprised if Brad Marchand made a push as utility player over Marty St.Louis or Patrick Sharp.

So there you have it. All Star Team Canada!! Next time we'll be looking at the All-Chemistry Team Canada.

Take Care!!

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