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With all of the playoffs going on, its tough being a Avalanche fan. Something is missing from the current post season... The 2007 version of the Colorado Avalanche came within 1 point of the playoffs. Putting new meaning into the old adage that every game counts. Blown leads, poor defensive play all played a part in the Avalanche missing the 'real' hockey season. Credit should be giving to the Flames for stepping up on there 4 game road trip as the Avs began to breath down their neck. They stepped up big time, to ensure they got every point that they could.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Avalanche currently have 11 players under contract for next year for a cap hit of 25.8 Million. While they have 4 additonal RFA's with Qualifing offers amounting to close to 3 million. That leaves them almost 15 million for 7 players. This isn't even considering players in the system (Ryan Stoa, Chris Stewert, TJ Hensick, Cody Burki, Johnny Boychuck). That leaves some well needed cash for free agents this offseason. Every Avs fan would love to see Drury back in Colorado (Finally management will admit that trade was a complete and utter bust, less Stastny of course). But there is still a question as to where Drury would fit into the system, with the No. 1 & 2 centres solidified with Sakic and Stastny. The Avs will also focus on a physical defensive defensman, whether that is Hannan, Souray, Markov, that is debatable.

Considering the experience that Wolski, Stastny, and Budaj received in their playoff push, and having Sakic back for another year or teaching. Plus the cap space that the team is carrying; The 'rebuilding' period for the Avalanche looks to be more of a 'reloading' period.
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