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<h>How to improve the Oilers Defense through Trades and through the draft<h>
<p>Well since the goal of this blog is as the header states, I will rule out Free Agency as an explorable option. With what appears to be a pretty high draft pick in 2013, some might say we can simply pick a defenseman and insert him into the line up, but that to me is folly, especially if the team is entering into a win at all costs season. With our young core already in place, and the number of long years it normally takes to develope a Defensemen to a point that he can actually help an NHL team, I would go ahead and suggest simply trading that pick. <p><p> Looking around the league, and at the age of our young core, I would target a defensemen that meets a very specific criteria.It's clear our 5 on 5 and transition game need work.The addition of a Defender that can move the puck quickly and on the fly is a must. The team is also in need of some size back there , to go with a bit of jam, as the Oilers are far too easy to play against. It's the Oilers, so the boy has gotta be able to skate as well. And he needs a nice balance of youth and experience.3-5 years of professional experience should be enough to help the club.<p> <p>So who are the targets? I have narrowed it down to 2 candidates.Zack Bogosian of Winnepeg and Tyler Myers of Buffalo.<p>
<p> For Bogosian, I offer up the cheapest price.This is not to slight the player in any way, it's just that the Jet's have gotton quite used to him on the Injured Reserve list. With players like Enstrom and Big Buff on the blue line, he has become fairly expendable.They also have a need for someone we have to offer:Ales Hemsky. No way this happens straight up though, as big mobile Defensemen with an offensive upside don't just fall out of the sky.A suitable throw in might be prospect Martin Gernat, and our earliest 2nd round pick in 2013.To add even more to the deal,I would agree to sawp 1st round picks in the draft, allowing the Jets to move up considerably in the order.<p><p> For Tyler myers, I would put together a greater package.The 1st round pick we just acquired from the Jets, prospect Frank Musil, still developing,but highly touted Magnus Paajarvi and solid veteran Ladislav Smid, who just signed a very reasonable contract extension<p><p> I feel that these 2 draft day trades put the Oilers back into the hunt for a playoff berth, as they mortgaged a bit of the future to get bigger,stronger,faster and tougher going into the 2014 season.It also let's veteran Nick Schultz fall back into a mentorship role on the bottom pairing with Rookie Oscar Kleffbom.<p><p> Justin Schultz Zack Bogosian<p>Tyler Myers Jeff Petry<p><p>Oscar Kleffbon/Corey Potter Nick Schultz<p> These are agressive trades, and if Mac Tavish could pull them off, he would really be showing Edmonton his balls, something ALL Oiler fans are dying to see.<p>
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so swap first round pics and throw in Hemsky Gernat and a second round pic for a RFA who is injury prone Solid plan
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asshole... you posted in the wrong area !!!!
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copied and pasted in proper forum
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