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5 Thoughts on Game Day

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<code><p><code>#1. The Bryzgalov everyone in Philadelphia expected back in June 2011 seems to have finally surfaced and is putting up solid numbers so far this season (2.27 GAA, .921 SV%). It has been 9 games since Bryz has let more than 3 past him and he has been more solid than the Flyers 5-6-1 record would indicate.<code></p><code><code><br><code> On the other side of the ice the James Reimer that Toronto fans saw at the beginning of last season has seemingly returned and stabilized the Leafs crease. Reimer too has been putting up the numbers (2.30 GAA, .929 SV%). On most nights this season Reimer has given the Leafs an opportunity to win. It was particularly reassuring to see how quickly his teammates came to his defence during the Montreal game on the occasions Montreal got a little too familiar with the Toronto netminder. <code><p><code><code><br><code>Although neither of these goaltenders are putting up elite numbers, they are both giving their respective teams opportunities to win. Both of these goaltenders are quelling trade rumours with their play but the Philadelphia and Toronto hockey markets will be the first to erupt if their consistency wanes. <code><p><code><code><br><code>#2. Toronto is 1-4-0 at home and Philadelphia is 1-5-0 on the road so something will have to give tonight between theses two teams.<code></p><code> <code><p><code><code><br><code>#3. The Leafs are coming off of a huge win in Montreal and have an opportunity to carry that momentum forward. I'm sure it won't be hard for JVR and Luke Schenn to get up for this one: both players are getting a crack at a team that more or less called it quits on them. For Luke Schenn this is his first trip back to the ACC where for some time he was a fan favourite before his play dropped off prior to the trade. So far with JVR putting up 7 goals and 2 assists on the season the Leafs appear to have gotten the best out of this trade. But D-men tend to flourish later so there is a chance this deal could sting somewhere down the road.<code></p><code> <code><p><code><code><br><code>#4. Kessel has always been a streaky player so if the past couple of games are any indication the Leafs leading point man, despite only 2 goals on the season, is about to erupt. <code></p><code> <code><p><code><code><br><code>#5. Not suspending Grabovski was probably the right call by the league. I don't want to get to much in to this other than to say that the next meeting between the Leafs and Canadiens should be incredible. The animosity between the Canadiens and Grabovski just got a serious shot in the arm. <code></p><code> <code><p><code><code><br><code>Go Leafs Go <code><p><code>-Al
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