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Enough Allready!!!

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The truth of the matter is I know how frustrating it is sitting and waiting for the Flames to make some sort reaction to a bitter season, But what is it that we (Flames Fans) want to hear? Really?

Think about it!! Yes Sutter made a couple of knee-jerk deals, But If the Jokinen deal had worked out and say he had scored 40 goals and then they lost out in the playoffs, are we any better off then? We would just think that they were better than they actually are!

The best thing that could've happened to Calgary did. Years of playoff mediocrity isn't really different from years of not making the playoffs, How so you say?... Well other than making a few more bucks for team, The fans get the same thing... Nothing.. Another season of almost there!!!

It is better to find out that there is some problems and have to deal with them right now, then wait till any trading chips that we might have are to old to make any significant difference.

How would we all feel if we had made these playoffs this year and the next 5 years as well, but yet never made it back to the Cup finals..? Or even Western Conference finals...? The same disapointment, but not ever enough to really want drastic change.

It is now painfully evident that some sort of change is needed. Sutter obviously knows this, evidence by the Bryan Cameron signing. The culture change maybe does not have to be drastic yet, But it must change., starting with the drafting and prospects philosophy. We have all the 3rd and 4th Liners any NHL club will need, but when is the last real impact rookie that the flames organization has had??? Iginla?.. He is already in his early 30"s.. Phaneuf?, definetly an impact player, But gone!
Calgary has had 52 picks in the draft since the Phaneuf selection, and yes we have got some steady players such as Pardy, Boyd, Prust and of course Mikael Backlund.
Backlund has shown some serious glimpses of being an impact player, Adam Pardy is a good steady D-man, But he needs more icetime. Boyd and Prust have been shipped out. Chuck Kobasew was traded, Chucko could be another Nystrom, But jury's out and it's time to send out some older guys and see if the young guys got it or not.

Have a Great Day, Bryce
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