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"Neutral Zone Trap"
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Multiple headlines making the waves today in the hockey world due to last nights interviews and player reactions. There is no doubt that media plays an enormous role in today's sports world and sometimes, like today, it's too much.

Let's start with Duncan Keith, who is being accused of being sexist due to his comment toward a Team 1040 reporter in Vancouver. The reporter was clearly trying to get under his skin by asking about if there should have been a penalty called on Sedin that led to a goal. Duncan Keith replied no and insisted in a sarcastic manner that the woman should be the first female ref. Immediately following that media and people blew up saying it was sexist; it's not. Anyone who knows Duncan Keith knows he wears his heart on his sleeve and is extremely cocky. Duncan Keith wasn't being sexist, he was ticked off about the loss to a heated rival and didn't want to deal with a reporter who was purposely trying to get him fired up, mission accomplished.

Then there was Tyler Seguin. Seguin retweeted a friend's song lyrics and had tweeted out he just watched that song in bed with a couple of his friends and later added the popular phrase "no homo". Cue the homophobic slur hatred. Now, I hate the Bruins more than anyone I know or have talked to so it pains me to say this, but there's nothing wrong with what Seguin said. I hate Tyler Seguin, I can't stand him on or off the ice, but there is nothing wrong here. Seguin is 21 years old, twenty-one- a year younger than I am. The "no homo" term is very popular in many aspects of young adults lives. Hell, I know homosexuals who say the phrase "no homo", it's not a big deal- it's slang.

On what was a pretty dull night in hockey other than Vancouver and Anaheim clinching their divisions, the media felt the need to dig these issues up and fire people up. There is nothing wrong with what either of these players did. Seguin's a young adult who used a popular phrase amongst everyone, even homosexuals and Duncan Keith is a cocky jerk who got fired up off a female reporter purposely trying to piss him off. Stop being so sensitive to every little issue people. After all, if everyone wants to be treated equally, they better take jokes and popular sayings equally, like everyone else in the world does. Get over it.
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