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Once again it seems like the Blue Jackets are incapable of scoring enough goals to pull out wins in the close games. 2 nights in a row we have lost to Hurricanes, 1 goal in the 2 matches. Last night was understandable as they lost 3-0 with Mason in net. Tonight however, LeClaire (Who in my opinion will be the starter this season no doubt) was lights out all night until the 3rd period where he let one goal in that he never really had a chance at.

There is no reason that they should out shoot Carolina 42-21 and lose in a shootout. It should have never have had to go to a shootout. with a large majority of the shots coming in the first 2 periods, they should have won 4-1.

Now I know this is only preseason, but if we can only score 15 goals as a team in 7 games, I see a problem. This is something that has held Columbus back from even being 8-10 points better in the standings since they came into the league. It is something that Hitchcock needs to start emphasizing in practice and games. It is something that will continue to hold them back until all our "talent" from top 10 picks year after year reach full potential.

So I am concluding my first ever blog by saying, Here is to a great season of Blue Jackets hockey this year if scoring becomes less of a problem.

If not... Theres always 08-09! :D
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