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I don't even know where to begin when it comes to the Sabre's power play this season, I mean as a Sabre's fan, I am no stranger to a poor and streaky power play, but what the hell is going on here? The Sabre's are dead last in the NHL converting just 13 of 108 opportunities, while also allowing a league leading 5 short handed goals. I could deal with a bad conversion rate if it was due to bad bounces, or a strong opposing pk unit, or even mediocre goal tending, but what the blue and gold are bringing to the table is just lame. When i hear they are working on the power play in practice all i think is 'what, working on making it look even worse?'. How can you honestly say it is a focus in practice when the execution is so obviously poor? How many more times will i see the ref's hand raised, see we are going on the power play, and then curse out loud because i know the the worst hockey playing i will ever see is just seconds away. Its hard to imagine that while on the power play the puck is continuously cycled in our own end on such a regular basis by both the Sabre's and whatever other team is playing them. Teams pressure Buffalo's pp like i have never seen, they all know that if you just skate towards a Sabre on the power play, that player will just fall apart, and give you a scoring opportunity. Entering the zone is something of a completely different atrocity, after so many failed attempts to skate the puck into the zone, you would think the next step would to be to dump the puck in, and work for it along the boards, the Sabre's have some really strong players on the wall, but instead they pass the puck around in their own zone, then pass the puck around at the line until they lose it, and then repeat that until the penalty expires. Last game against the Hab's i watched a Sabre player pass the puck to the only teammate he had on the ice that was covered, and not only that, but he was covered by 3 players. He had 3 other players to pass the puck to that were all by themselves, but he passes to the guy who is triple covered. I mean give me a break, don't tell me that's the play chalked up on the board. rn So how do you fix it? Well at this point you can't, at least not without injuring all of you're players with concussions because you had to slap them so hard to knock some sense into them. Well not all of them, Vanek is 9th in the league with 6 ppg's, and is without a doubt the best player we have when healthy. Foligno and Ott are shining stars on this team right now, and if everyone on the team played more like those 2 guy's we would be looking at a deep playoff run right now. Tyler Myers could use a few workouts with them, maybe they could talk some crap to him, and embarrass him into playing like a man. Myers was not a bad investment at the time, but he needs to work on his cardio, maybe a nutritionist will do him some good to keep his energy up. Myers has a high metabolism, and burning the kind of calories you do playing hockey, he probably needs a Micheal Phelps type diet just to keep weight on. If Myers could keep up a high energy game for 20 minutes a night, he would be worth every penny of his $5.5 million cap hit, but right now he is not worth half of that. rn So there are a lot things going completely wrong in Sabre land these days, the power play is just the tip of the iceberg, but what a big tip it is (that's what she said). If they can get the power play in gear we could be winning i think 50% more games. This month alone we have lost 6 games, and 5 of those games were 1 goal games, while 3 of those were overtime losses, and i'm pulling out my beard while watching it all, and shouting at the tv with heavy sarcasm as i express how beautiful your crappy passes, and poor decisions are. I haven't burned all of my Sabre's gear yet, but i'm keeping a can of gasoline near by. Thanks for reading.
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