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I am a bit saddened of the fact that many fans and the media are saying that they are still waiting for Craig Mactavish's self-anticipated "bold" move. Hasn't he done a few already?rn"Bold" is defined in the English dictionary as the ability to take risks, to be courageous....rnrnIt is not defined as "making moves that the fans or other people like", it is not even defined as something that has a positive outcome....rnrnNo, it is defined as somebody or something that is able to take a risk. Whether the outcome is positive or not that is another thing.rnrnLet's see, All the moves that MacT has made this off-season have plenty of risky. If they do not work out (and some won't) the guy cannot be qualified of "not bold". If they work out we are happier, but regardless of the result ALL of his moves have been legitimately bold, and I am not afraid to say... he expects that a few of them have a good effect on the Edmonton Oilers. Let's not forget hockey is a business and Edmonton is desperate to put a good team on the ice, one that justifies the new fancy arena and that can sell play-off tickets and television rights....rnrnSo, let's see:rnrn1. MacT fired Krueger hired "rookie" (won't get into that) Dallas Eakins. Krueger had a great reputation with the players and seemed the nicest guy on earth. MacT said it himself "it was not fair or done with fairness in mind". Was it bold? It is a risk and that is for sure. If Eakins fails, MacT is going to listen all year long on how he was not very smart to get a rookie coach.rnrn2. Belov - let's forget about the Russian Factor for a minute. MacT started his moves by bringing a guy who he has no idea if he will adapt to working in Northamerica. It sounds easy to you and me, but, picture yourself in Russia, work, live, eat there.... is there a chance you would not be too comfortable at the beginning (or ever)? MacT is taking a risk.... the reward is if this guy cracks the blue line and dominates it.... I call this a BOLD move.rnrn3. Ship Horcoff out, not buy him out. This one might be the least bold one but shipping out your captain and waiting until the last minute (keeping us all in suspense) has a good level of risk involved if you ask me... this could have costed the team 5.5 Mill... it did not.rnrn4. Ferrence, Labarbera. Yes both players seem like they feet great. But there is a chance they won't. There is a chance their best days are over. There is a risk (and a reward) if these two do not work out. There is good money on the line.rnrn5. Bringing back Grebeshkov... I do not like this move personally, but again, it does not matter if I do not like it, what do I know? I have never defended from Rick Nash attacking my net so my opinion is irrelevant.... you bring back a player that left, that struggled in hopes for a rebound at a low cost (type of "Money Ball" kind of deal) there is definetely a risk.rnrn6. Paajarvi out, Perron in. I love this move. Not that it matters. If I were to be cold: Pajaarvi is bigger, younger and has no concussion history. I will not talk about what Perron does have because we all know and most agree that on paper he is the better player. BUT with Pajaarvi's potential being shipped out (and I hate the potential concept, but it exists) guess what? the team is taking a risk.rnrn7. Drafting Nurse when Ristolainen and Nichushkin were still available. Risto and Nich are closer to being in the NHL, everybody knows it. Nurse is supposed to be the next Pronger, but he might not. This is a risky move despite how angry fans got when MacT did not make a trade in the draft floor. Would I have liked seeing us get Schneider for the pick? Maybe, but that was a safer bet,one where we knew what we were getting (Schneider has plenty of nhl games). Keeping the pick and picking Darnell was bold, was harder to do.rnrnI am sure there are more examples, but I think the above 7 can tell you that MacT is being extremely bold. If 3 or 4 workout the guy will keep his job and we will see the oilers playing in late April. If they do not turn out.... the guy just risked his head, how is that not BOLD?rnrnTrading Taylor Hall or Jordan Eberle or spending an entire country to bring Jagr is not necessarily "BOLD" it is flashy, that is all.rnrnAnd I would rather have Bold, Bold is fun, Bold has an element of uncertainty in it that together with our young Edmonton Oilers will provide for many nights (82 at least) of love, hate, agony and enjoyment for this beautiful game.rnrnGood job MacT, this "ability to take risks" might be what the Doctor ordered. And if not, you promised it to the fans and you are delivering. rnrn
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