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The trade deadline is days away and there have been talks all around the league with numerous teams. The New Jersey Devils are obviously struggling without Ilya Kovalchuk in the lineup. Drastic changes don't need to be made; he will eventually return. But what if he returns too late and the Devils don't make the playoffs. This HAS to be something Lou Lamoriello has thought about.

The Devils don't have a lot to give up, specifically their 1st round pick. They are forfeiting their 1st rounder this year as punishment from the Kovalchuk contract. If Josefson and Tedenby are never going to be given (or earn) their shot, why not move them? If Lou thinks that picking up Loktionov, D'Agostini and Kostopolous are better options then why not get rid of Josefson and Tedenby? I like Loktionov a lot and even think D'Agostini can re-discover his game at any time. Anton Volchenkov needs to go. I won't say he is a "burden" but he isn't cutting it, especially for the salary he is earning. Tallinder would be a good one to throw in as well.

I don't know what GM's are discussing. Can it hurt to package Tedenby/Josefson with Volchenkov/Tallinder and possibly a late round draft pick for a top 6 forward? I don't see why not. See if anyone bites on it. Losing one of the younger guys won't matter as they don't seem to be in any of the Devils' long-term plans. Losing a defenseman shouldn't be too big of a deal either; they have plenty.

As for who the Devils would trade for, I'm not sure. There are rumors saying who is available. Who GM's are actually willing to part with is another side of it. I've heard Jagr mentioned but how much older do the Devils really want to get? Find someone around their mid-20s. Someone who has proven themselves.

A lot easier said than done. Just my thoughts on it.
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