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BUFFALO, NY • United States • 29 Years Old • Male
Something neeeds to be done to this buffalo sabres hockey team. I myself have always been a Lindy supporter, but if he believes that this core of players can take this city to the promise land, then i believe that it is time for a change.
Rumors have been swirling around this Sabres hockey team of potential trading partners and trading for certain players (all of which will most likely never happen unfortunately). Even if it's just a trade such as 'Derek Roy for a 2nd rounder', or 'Paul Gaustad for a 4th' (which would be a bargain for us), this team needs to do something. Anaheim does not like what our team has to offer for their key players, and Darcy over values players like stafford, roy, gaustad, weber, and sekera. There has been word that Terry Pegula expressed interest in the Blue Jacket's Rick Nash, but what would we give up for him that Columbus would want? Pegulla said he'd be willing to part with Roy and Stafford for Nash, but come on, Columbus isn't that stupid.
When all is said and done, something needs to be done, sooner rather than later. If not, we can kiss this season goodbye, and start looking forward to next year.
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