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Blame Murray

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For the last couple of months after the Thursday night brawl in Buffalo it has bothered me that Lindy Ruff has received criticism for his actions in that fabulous hockey game...Lindy sent out his fourth line to get revenge on what many believe to be a dirty play by Chris Neil, is it Lindy's fault that Brian Murray sent out the Spezza line who has no backbone???I believe the coach who should have received the criticism is Brian Murray...He claims he had no idea the sabres were going to be looking for retribution, well if he didn't know it when he sent his line out he sure should have known it when Lindy sent his line out...Here's my point, Brian Murray should have simply called for his time-out once he realized what was going to happen...If he would have used his hockey sense then his star players wouldn't have been at risk and his team would have been more prepared...Hope to see this match up in the Eastern Conference quarter finals...Go Sabres!!!
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April 10, 2007 11:38 PM ET | Delete
Didn't Murray coach the Anaheim team that sent out its goons against the Flames in which a similarly, if not larger, brawl ensued?
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