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Franklin, MA • United States • 23 Years Old • Male
(4) Pittsburgh
(8) Montreal

Prediction: Pittsburgh in 5
Synopsis: Listen, I don't understand how Jaroslav Halak is playing so well...but it can't last. The Penguins were dealt a huge blow when Jordan Staal went down in game 1, and they understandably had a huge letdown in game 2. Halak played on his head, but his play can't keep up, and even if it does, Sid the Kid and CO. can still break through. Not to mention that Fleury has been answering the call when needed, Montreal just didn't have a lot of chances. The Habs absolutely stole one in game 2, but the defending cup champs won't let that happen again. They will win the next three games, and will get an extra rest for the conference championships where they will have to face a physical team either way.
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