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NHL Rumors List

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NHL Rumors and Speculations page. This page is devoted only to rumors and speculations that are not confirmed unless stated ‘Confirmed Source’.

Brad Richards (Under Contract): The New York Rangers could explore options (compliance buy-out) to rid Brad Richards humongous big contract he signed a couple of summers ago. Richards was used as a fourth liner and was scratched in game 6 vs the Bruins by Torterella who took the blows for benching the highest paid player on the roster. (Source) / (Source)

Daniel Briere (Under Contract): Danny Briere is expected to be bought this summer by the Flyers. Phoenix Coyotes are a team that may be interested in adding a veteran scoring winger/center. (Source)

Roberto Luongo (Under Contract): The Luongo saga will likely come to an end very soon. Recently the Islanders are the latest team to be interested in acquiring Luongo via trade. Many factors would have to be met in order for this type of deal to be executed. (Source) / (Source)

David Clarkson (UFA): New Jersey Devils will try hard to re sign him at a resonable contract but Clarkson could really cash in if the Devils don’t sign him. Many NHL teams are looking for his style of play and will be highly sought after. Devils GM Lou Lamoriello and Clarkson’s agent have started negotiations. (Source)

Stephen Weiss (UFA): Stephen Weiss will not be re-signing with the Florida Panthers as he has shown interest to search for other options. Toronto, Columbus, Detroit, Anaheim and Calgary will all be very interested in his services. (Source)

Ryan Clowe (UFA): Clowe says he would like to resign with the New York Rangers, but is always open to other offers. (Source)

Mike Smith (UFA): Mike Smith’s decision to re-sign with Phoenix might not be as easy with the Phoenix Coyotes ownership problems up in the clouds, Smith might seek other options to sign elsewhere if he doesn’t feel right. Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Islanders are a handful of many teams that will have interest in his services. (Source) / (Source)

Sergei Bobrovsky (RFA): Bobrovsky has generated a ton of interest from around the world including many NHL teams, KHL clubs and possibly a team from Switzerland after a Vezina trophy type season. Apparently the Blue Jackets have talked with Bobrovsky but haven’t progressed. (Source) / (Source)

Pavel Datsyuk (Under Contract): Some question marks as the season went on through the year about where Datsyuk will go after seasons end. A Russian report came out saying Datsyuk was going to join AK Bars Kazan but Datsyuk’s agent denied it. Datsyuk told the news that he has already made a decision on his future, and earlier today Datsyuk stated he would like to stay in Detroit. Ultimatley Pavel Datsyuk will remain a Detroit Red Wing for at least another 2 or more years. (Source) / (Source)

Dan Boyle (Under Contract): Dan Boyle has said that he wants to finish his career off in San Jose and has no interest in being traded elsewhere. Boyle has 1 year remaining on his deal and may get a 1 or 2 year extension this summer. (Source)

Keith Yandle (Under Contract): Keith Yandle may be used as trade bait this summer to fetch som offensive minded forwards for the Coyotes. The Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers and Detroit Red Wings are said to be the front runners. (Source)

Mark Streit (UFA):
New York Islanders have told Streit that they want him to be a part of their team for another 3 years at least and Streit will most likely get a slight raise over is 4.1M. Still many teams will be thoroughly interested in him but with the Islanders late season run and making the playoffs might have been just enough to keep Mark Streit.

Jaromir Jagr (UFA): Jaromir Jagr’s career is coming towards a end and its pretty obvious but who knows, maybe he will comeback for another year. It’s also worth noting that Jagr’s chances of retiring will grow greater and greater as the playoffs go on. Also many teams will not be taking a gamble on signing him to a 1 year 3-4M+ contract.

Jarome Iginla (UFA): Jarome’s main goal right now is to win a cup and it’s still possible if he wins a cup he will sign back with Calgary but that all depends on what the Flames plans are for their future. Highly doubt the Penguins will have enough cap space to sign Iginla to a 2 or 3 year deal and Pascal Dupuis to a similar term length deal while trying to deal with a couple others. It will be a very interesting summer for Iginla.

Patrik Elias (UFA): Patrik Elias is a foregone conclusion to be re-signed by New Jersey before his contract expires. Devils will likely give him a 2-3 year contract. Also Marek Zidlicky is going to be resigned to a 2 year deal at the very least. Negotiations have started between Elias and the New Jersey Devils. (Source)

Adam Henrique (RFA): Adam Henrique will be qualified by the New Jersey Devils according to the Devils GM Lamoriello. I would expect a 4-5 year contract for Henrique upwards of 2.75m per season. (Source)

Derek Roy (UFA): Derek Roy will be one of the top UFA’s come July 5th and many teams have already expressed interest in him. The Canucks would like to have him back aswell as the Predators, Coyotes, Blues and possibly Capitals if Riberio is to walk. (Source)

Derek Stepan (RFA): Derek Stepan wants to be a part of the Rangers franchise and is not looking at any offer sheets. He is focused on signing with the New York Rangers and finishing his career with the blue shirts, in other words I want a long term deal. (Source)

Ryan McDonagh (RFA): Ryan McDonagh has the right to go to arbitration if the two sides can’t agree on a contract this summer, but the Rangers will ultimatley get McDonagh singed before the season starts up again. (Source)

Michael Del Zotto (Under Contract): Michael Del Zotto may be traded for some offensive help and with a potential buyout to Richards growing the Rangers could take on some cap space. The Oilers are heavily interested in the young defensemen. (Source)

Valtteri Filppula (UFA): Valtteri Filppula probably still hasn’t reach his highest potential and has put up top six numbers but hasn’t been consistent. The Detriot Red Wings may let him go and look for a different option, meaning a whole bunch of teams will be in the mix for him. Calgary Flames and Phoenix Coyotes are said to be interested. (Source)

Tyler Bozak (UFA): Tyler Bozak has said he wants to stay with the Leafs but I can’t see the Leafs giving him the money he supposedly wants which is 4-5M per season. The Canucks and Stars from the West could be interested in him as well as the Leafs from the East. (Source)

Bryan Bickell (UFA): Bryan Bickell is becoming one of the top free agents this summer because of his strong season and playoffs thus far. Also his shooting ability and size are huge factors in him getting a huge raise this summer. The Blackhawks will try hard to get him re-signed and he also stated he wants to stay with the Hawks but the Maple Leafs, Senators, Bruins, Canadiens, Rangers, Devils, Red Wings, Oilers and Predators will be calling. (Source)

Karl Alzner (RFA): Karl Alzner is a solid shutdown defensemen that will look good on any team looking for solid defensive minded player. Contract talks between Karl and Washington haven’t really started just yet. (Source)

Michael Ryder (UFA): Michael Ryder will likely wait out to get the best options from about 10 or more teams that will be very interested in him. The Canadiens have said that they will not be bringing Ryder back meaning he will be 100% available on July 5th. Expect the Bruins, Predators, Coyotes and possibly a team like the Flyers to be interested in him at the moment. (Source)

Daniel Alfredsson (UFA): Daniel Alfredsson hasn’t made a decision yet on whether he will retire or come back for another year. Strong feeling Alfredsson will only return to the Senators if he feels like the team can go on another playoff run. (Source)

Guillame Latendresse (UFA): Latendresse has been released by the Ottawa Senators and will officially not be brought back next year. Latendresse could be added to any team as a depth forward depending on the contract he is looking for, term and money will be a huge factor. I couldn’t imagine anything more that a 1 or 2 year deal. (Source)

Mike Lundin (UFA): Ottawa Senators confirm that Mike Lundin will not be brought back next year. Teams looking for a depth to shore up their defense will look at Lundin. (Source)

Peter Regin (UFA): Ottawa Senators confirm Peter Regin will not be resigned. (Source)

Andrei Kostitsyn (UFA): Andrei Kostitsyn has an extension offer from Traktor of the KHL but is mulling over that offer and waiting to see if he can generate any interest from any NHL teams. Kostitsyn put up mediocre numbers in 13 (goals), 8 (assists) for 21 points in 44 KHL regular season games. (Source)

Sergei Gonchar (UFA): Gonchar has stated he wants to return to the NHL next year and isn’t looking toward retiring just yet. I doubt the Senators will sign him up so look for another team like the Flyers, Lightning and other teams looking for veteran defensive help. (Source)

Pascal Dupuis (UFA): Dupuis will be coming off a career year and will be looking for a lot more than what he is getting paid now, but will some teams take a gamble on him at his age or does he take a pay cut to stay with the Penguins. Several teams should be interested in his services.

Mike Riberio (UFA): Mike Riberio had a solid year in Washington and the Capitals will try hard to keep him on their team, but there is no denying other teams will be interested. Report that Phoenix and St.Louis are interested. (Source)

Nathan Horton (UFA): Nathan Horton is a very solid power forward with a nice scoring touch that will look to stay with the Bruins, but if the money is too much for the Bruins then teams like Montreal, Ottawa and Nashville are a couple teams that will show interest.

Max Lapierre (UFA): Lapierre could be going back to the Eastern Conference come July 5th. The Canucks and Lapierre haven’t started any negotiations and the Vancouver Canucks may let him walk with a bunch of young players up and ready. Again Lapierre could be resigned maybe if the Canucks decide to change the okans a bit but the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Montreal Canadiens, Washington Capitals and the Buffalo Sabres could all be very intrigued by Happy Lappy. (Source)

Ryan Whitney (UFA): Edmonton Oilers will not be re-signing veteran defensemen Ryan Whitney as they will be looking to other options. Florida, Tampa Bay and the New York Islanders may draw interest. (Source)

Ian White (UFA): Ian White had one solid season in Detroit and was looking like a good fit there, but now it seems like the Red Wings will not be bringing him back next year. White is a decent 3-4 defensemen probably better suited for a 4-5 guy and will get some interest from some teams looking for a good two-way d-man. Ottawa, New York, Phoenix and possibly Washington or Vancouver could take a look at him. (Source)

Jeff Schultz (Under Contract): Jeff Schultz has told the Capitals GM that he would like to be traded. Possible teams that could be interested are Winnipeg Jets, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators and the Detroit Red Wings. (Source) / (Source)

Ben Lovejoy (UFA): Anaheim Ducks are trying hard to re-sign defensemen Ben Lovejoy to a 2-4 year contract before he hits the free agent market. (Source)

Matt D’Agostini (RFA): Matt D’Agostini played 13 games this year for New Jersey after being dealt from St. Louis and most likely will not be qualified by the Devils. D’Agostini is a solid 3rd/4th line forward who can join any teams looking for that kind of depth. (Source)

Bernhard Starkbaum: Bernhard Starkbaum a 27 year old Austrian goaltender for the hockey club MODO of the Swedish Elite League has gained some interest from a couple NHL clubs like Edmonton and Philadelphia aswell as a handful of KHL teams. Starkbaum has a mutual agreement with MODO to sign with a different team if he decides to. (Source)

Michael Raffl (Under Contract): Michael Raffl a 24 year old Austrian forward has started negotiating with the Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators for a NHL contract. He currently has one more year left on his contract for Leksand of the Swedish Elite League which may cause some complications (Source). UPDATE: Michael Raffl has officially signed with the Philadelphia Flyers. (Confirmed Source)

Bud Holloway (Under Contract): Bud Holloway is a former draft pick of the Los Angeles Kings that went over to play in Europe and couple of years ago and has generated a lot of interest from many teams. The Kings are keen on bringing him back as they already own his rights and even though he is under contract in Europe that contract can be broken to sign a NHL contract. Right now it seems like the Kings are trying to bring him to North America to either trade his rights or keep him. (Source)

Linus Omark (EDM Owns Rights): Linus Omark has stated that he would like to return to the NHL after completing a solid year in Switzerland. Omark says it really doesn’t matter if its with Edmonton or another team in the league but he would welcome to comeback to the NHL. Possible teams that will be interested; Edmonton, Detroit and a couple KHL teams have displayed interest. (Source)

Antti Raanta (Under Contract): Antti Raanta a Finish goaltender has generated interest from Minnesota Wild, Winnipeg Jets, Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers and has now made his decision but hasn’t announced which team. His contract could be breached if he decides to sign in the NHL. (Source) UPDATE: Raanta has officially signed with the Chicago Blackhawks. (Confirmed Source)

Joacim Eriksson (UFA): Joacim Eriksson was formerly drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers who recently lost his rights and is now a UFA after playing numerous years in Europe. Eriksson and his agent have begun talks with many NHL teams but nothing has happened yet. Philadelphia may be in the mix to get him back while also the Edmonton Oilers are also interested. (Source)

Alex Kovalev (UFA): Alex Kovalev might not be retiring from hockey just yet. Kovalev is talking with a couple clubs, Geneve-Servette of the NLA and a Swedish club and also says he doesn’t plan on playing the KHL. (Source) / (Source)

Juha Matti Aaltonen (Traktor Owns Rights): Juha Matti Aaltonen is another Fin who may be coming to play in the NHL. Aaltonen said he no longer wants to play in the KHL with Traktor, who own his rights, instead he hopes to join an NHL club this year. Nashville and New Jersey may have some interest in the 27 year old forward. (Source)

More Rumors to come later…..

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