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"The Buffalo Sabres ROCK!!"
Hamburg, NY • United States • 53 Years Old • Male
On paper this Buffalo Sabres team should be challenging for the top spot in the league. After starting the season with two wins in Europe, This team looked like it could not be beat. Then on November 12 the Bruins Milan Lucic slammed into Ryan Miller giving him a concussion. Simply put Ryan has not been the same since. Jhonus Enroth stepped in to take over for him while he recovered from the latest Concussion and performed admirably in his absence. Something along the way happened to this club. They seem like a club that has lost its identity. They're playing with no confidence. They are making stupid mistakes, Costly turnovers have led to the latest string of deplorable hockey that we see now. In the meantime Darcy Regier who is apparently sitting on his thumbs, Cant or will not make any changes to the team because he believes that they should be right up there among the top teams in the league. Sure it may be the chemistry is not there, Darcy Regier is responsible for putting these players together. The blame should fall squarely in his lap and Darcy Regier should be replaced and I say replace him with Rick Dudley. Rick Dudley has built championship teams in Florida, Tampa Bay and Chicago plus he lives right here in Western New York. A true buffalo guy that has been a player and a coach here and is an amazing evaluator of talent. It's time to blow this situation up and start over. The only players that I would not get rid of on this roster are Pominville and Vanek. This season may already be lost and we are 12 points out of the last spot in the entire league which is Columbus which has 31 points. The Sabres are 5 points from being the 2nd worst team in the league. The time has come, Darcy must go.
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