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Who is Myles Bell?

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Who is Myles Bell? I believe that was every New Jersey Devils fan's reaction when he was drafted in the sixth round, 160th overall, on Sunday. If you look up his stats from the past season, you will find that he was recently converted from defense to forward, he had 38 goals, 55 assists for a total of 93 points in just 69 games. That is A LOT of points for someone taken in the 6th round. Why did he slip so far?

We learned yesterday in an article from The Star Ledger's Rich Chere, that Myles was in a fatal car crash that killed a young woman who was in the passenger seat when he was only 18. While this is a tragedy I am happy that Myles is being given a second chance.

What you will also read in the article is how he has one of the hardest slap shots you will ever see from someone of his size (6'0). At 17 years old it was clocked at 98 MPH. Now the big question is what do the Devils do with him?

I know the Devils will wait until after rookie camp to make their decision, but at 20 years old, I would REALLY like to see him on the AHL team. Seeing as he dominated the WHL last year, it would be a good idea for him to get action in a more physical and faster league to see how he handles it. Could you imagine himself and Reid Boucher on the same line putting up the same numbers that they did this past season? Scary thought for every team in the league.

I am ecstatic to see what Myles Bell can do on the ice because he looks really special on paper. A diamond in the rough one might say. We will see what he is really made of on July 15th-19th at the Devils rookie camp.
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