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Everybody knows that size matters.
I’m talking about the one that gives you the reach to get to the puck first or take it away from a player, the one that makes you less likely to get tossed away from the puck or that you can use to toss smaller players from it, the one that hurts when you bodycheck a player and the one that makes it less likely to get hurt or tired when you are on the receiving end, the one that simply blocks the view of the goalie if you are willing to go there or the one that simply cleans the front of the net for your goalie to make a save. Quite useful after all.
In all fairness the Habs had a great season (I hope not a Cinderella one) but the lack of size issue became flagrant against the Sens. I’m not excusing Price but If he was better protected he would not have looked as bad as he did and the Habs would have been able to put more traffic in front of Anderson to get those garbage goals that are so essential during playoffs. It’s not a scoop that the Canadiens need size pretty much everywhere except at the goaltending position, I wonder if Bergevin was a bit misled by the good season the Habs were having and made him overlook the size factor. He signed, during the season, two small players that do have their place in the NHL but not with the Habs, yes I’m talking about the two hometown boys Davis Desharnais and Francis Bouillon, they both will eat 5 mil on the cap next year (3.5 mil DD 1.5 mil FB). In my book that’s the kind of money you pay for a rugged tough as they come shot down top 3 defensemen or 6’2 and up 50-60 pts forward. Especially this year and the following one some quality players might be available as UFA if they are bought out. As an example if the Lightning were to buyout Lecavalier I would take him any day for 5 million a year for the next 3 years, that is 1.5 million more than DD for same amount of points per year in a 6’4 frame but again that’ s hypothetical. Those are scenarios that are more less likely to happen but if they do you need the cap space to enter the dance. Unless you are a player who brings the team to the next level, a franchise player *cough* Subban, or a type of player other teams would die to get. I would not be so eager to sign interchangeable players could have waited the end of the season for a clearer decision. As fan all that matters is to welcome back the Stanley cup in June. The Habs were so bad in 2011-2012 that the only way to go was up. In 2012-2013, the Habs made the playoffs and maybe saw what was missing, well I hope, 2013-2014 should be the adjusting season, don’t rush to make a team good enough to get in the playoffs or to buy time, even if the financial impact to miss them is important. Usually you only get one shot to build it right now is the time.
Those Habs they need time and my guess is: they need size.
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