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Draft Predictions At Number Six (Flames)

Hi everyone, over the last few days I’ve been asking twitter followers of mine who they think the Calgary Flames will pick at number six in their own opinion.
So let’s hear what they said.

Ryan Smiley (@BacklundFan11)

- Im gonna have to say I’d pick Max Domi of the London Knights (OHL).
He’s probably one of the most skilled players left after the big four are taken and most likely one of the best players in the draft.

A.J. Swain (@Krauzer1234)

- Sean Monahan in my opinion is the ideal guy who will be available for the Flames to pick at Number 6th. Sure, there may be other options ahead of him, but I doubt those other options fall to six. Monahan certainly isn’t the answer to the Flames woes but will be a major building block to the solution. Has size, offensive ability, work ethic and leadership. A good start to the solution. Very strong chance of making the team next season.

Morgan Melnyk (@MorganMelnyk)

- I think that the Flames will draft Elias Lindholm (center) as the scouts say he’s a really talented player and could help the Flames fill their need for a number one center!

Randy Foster (@Randy_Foster)

- After the Flames have spent much consideration although moving up in this year’s draft would be nice, they're quite happy to select at 6.
After much thought the Flames are happy to select Sean Monahan from the Ottawa 67's. It came down to Lindholm, Horvat, and Monahan. Sean possesses all the tools of a quality player on both ends of the ice which is what the team needs. A natural born leader Sean was leading most categories for struggling 67's team, although not flashy his talents will help the middle of the ice where the Flames need it the most.

Cameron Reiter (@VetteL89)

- In my opinion, the Calgary Flames should trade pick #6 for a proven asset that can compete in the league at the highest level. Players like Huberdeau, Tavares and Voynov would bring far more to this team than any player they draft. This scouting party of the Calgary Flames has been relatively unchanged and unsuccessful in drafting top flight talent in the last 10yrs and I have no confidence they will do so with this pick. No sense dooming a player to relative obscurity by drafting him straight to the Flames roster. Get someone that has actually been developed and give the pick to a team that knows what to do with it.

Christian Roatis (@CRoatis)

- While Jay Feaster has said many times that he wishes to trade up, it's looking more and more like that won't be the case and Calgary will pick at 6. There they'll likely have a choice of 3 centermen, all of whom are likely to have an impact on the club in the near future.

The most viable - but also most unlikely - choice at 6 would be Finnish phenom Aleksander Barkov. The big 6 foot 2, 205 pound pillar of strength has been a two-way force in the SM-Liiga (Finland's top men's league) these past two years, putting up spectacular numbers for his age. This past year he scored 21 goals and 48 points in 53 games, putting him top 10 in the entire league. He turns 18 in September. Barkov projects in the mould of an Anze Kopitar – an elite number one center – and he also seems to be much closer to his ceiling already than other fellow draft eligible’s. Problem is, Barkov is ranked by many as a top 4 talent and it is likely he'll be gone by the time Jay Feaster limbers up on stage.

The next best thing for Calgary would be Swede Elias Lindholm. Lindholm is a pretty much a carbon copy of Barkov - lacking only Barkov's size. They both play center, they both put up spectacular numbers in their respective national men's leagues and they both play a solid two-way game. Lindholm scored 10 goals and 18 points in 34 SEL games this year and has worked his way up into top 5 discussions. If the Nashville Predators pass on Lindholm at 4, it's more than likely he'll fall into the Flames lap at 6. Problem is he stands 5 foot 11 (listed at 6 foot on some sites) and weighs in at 192. His offensive ceiling is high but Calgary may look towards a bigger presence at center should they choose that route.

The "bigger presence at center" means none other than Sean Monahan. Monahan has been pegged by fans and media alike as the likely pick for Calgary at 6. Nothing wrong with that. He played on a terrible Ottawa 67′s team this season and yet still managed to put up 31 goals and 78 points in 58 games -- 41% of his team’s offense. Monahan has the size - 6 foot 2, 195 pounds - to step into the NHL next season, which is something Calgary has hinted on wanting from their sixth pick and should he make the team out of camp, he'd play top 6 minutes for sure. Barkov is a question mark in this category while Lindholm is contractually obligated to play in the SEL next season.

Dearen (@Jasta28)

- In a perfect world we see Barkov slide down to #6. That would likely mean the Hurricanes draft Nurse and Nashville takes Lindholm who they are high on. But realistically that will not happen. So, my pick at #6 for the Flames is Sean Monahan. Monahan is a big body center man who could compete for job in camp. Monahan is not a guy projected to score 30 to 40 goals but his vision and two way play could be a nice combo with Baertschi for years to come. Monahan has the size, vision and potential leadership capabilities the Flames are looking for and that is why I predict the Calgary Flames select Sean Monahan at #6.

Jeff (@nhlflamesfan)

- Baring any spectacular moves before Sunday, June 30, the Calgary Flames are slated to pick 6th at this year’s NHL Draft. The Flames are in desperate need of drafting an elite center and are 3 players that I would focus on taking with that pick: Sasha Barkov, Sean Monahan or Elias Lindholm.

Sasha Barkov is more of a long shot at the 6th position and would only be available if teams ahead of Calgary value players that are ranked lower in the Top 10. He was injured at the end of the season so that could be a factor in him sliding as well. Barkov is a big body, has offensive skill and great hockey mind. He would be a steal at #6 as many consider him to be the best player in the draft outside of the Big 3.

Sean Monahan is the consensus pick to go 6th overall to the Flames and who I see being taken by Feaster and Company. Monahan is another center with size and has a great two-way game, some compare him to a poor man’s Jonathan Toews. He is going to be, at worst, a good 2nd line NHL center that can play in any situation on the ice.

Elias Lindholm I expect to be further down on the Flames draft board than the other two players. He does have a higher offensive upside and produced very well playing against men in the Swedish Elite League. Some people see him as a Top 5 pick with a great NHL future.

Cory S (@Cflames12)

- Sean Monahan would be my guess cause I think he’ll be the best player available at six. I’ve heard comparison to Toews which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Justin Beatty (@JustinBeatty777)

- Personal opinion on this subject I would have to pick Sean Monahan. Why you ask because big body, scoring ability, and leadership. Even as a shy guy he’s a great leader but the thing is Flames NEED centers and Jay Feaster needs to get bigger and tougher to play against and Sean has a great two-way game which will be a perfect help to the Flames and could develop well which Baertschi. That being said I could even see Elias Lindholm being picked.

Hey guys hope you enjoyed I put a lot of work into this. So a lot of people said Monahan and Elias Lindholm. Many would love to see Barkov drop but doubtful. So the winner in this is Sean Monahan at 6. Sean would be a great asset to have. Shall be exciting to see who we take at six.

Thanks for reading,

Justin Beatty (@Justinbeatty777)
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