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First of all, i want to introduce myself, that you have a feeling who is going to write :D My name is Tom, 30 years and a native of Bavaria, Germany so please be not so hard on me if there are gramatical mistakes.

There were irritating rumors that the Oil own 5 of the first 63 picks, but our own 3rd round pick was traded and we have the 79th and 86th pick instead from a couple of trades with the Sens and Blues.

#1 Connor McDavid (Erie Otters)
A no brainer at this point and the obvious Nr. 1 Pick in this years draft and long time Nr. 1 Pivot of the Oilers.

#16 Yevgeni Svechnikov (Cape Breton)
I´m going with Svechnikov, because i believe in the best-player-availabe route in the first round over positional needs. Svechnikov is a power-forward, someone you can only develop in your own system or you have to overpay in trades for this kind of player. He also stated, that it is his inner dream to play in the NHL, so the russian factor is also no problem. He already played in Canada, so we cant expect some kind of culture shock and his english skills are already good. If he`s availabe at 16, i would go with him and maybe we have a russian line with Svechnikov-Yakimov-Yakupov down the line, a nightmare for every broadcaster.

#33 MacKenzie Blackwood (Barrie Colts)
Positional need pick in the 2nd round here. With few really good Goalie Prospects in the pipeline, the best prospect in this years draft would be a good choice. Excellent size and frame as well as lightning quick legs promise a bright future. Needs time to develop but in a few years he could be the man between the pipes.

#57 Rasmus Anderson (Barrie Colts)
Son of former NHLer with good skating abilities like nearly all the swedish imports. Another plus is, that he is a right handed D-man, a species everybody is looking for. With 6'0 he is a bit below NHL average, but has already clearly over 200 pounds. His puck moving skills are something that is very important in the modern NHL. Transition to the North American Style was successful with 68 points in 76 games in the OHL.

#79 Filip Ahl (Jonköping)
Giant LW prospect that was ranked higher in pre-season and mid-season rankings but due to his disappointing season with only 2 assists in 15 games in the top swedish league he dropped dramatically. But remember, even he is built like a man with 6'4 and 215 pounds he is a boy against man in a non-developing league with less ice-time. His shot is excellent and even the skating skills are good for a big man like him. High reward pick.

# 86 Austin Strand (Red Deer)
Another right handed D-man from Oil Territory. Already owns a giant frame with 6'4 and 200 Pounds. Is clearly a long shot prospect but at 86 you hardly find the ready d-man that impacts your game today. Owns also a great shot from the point as well as great punishing skills for opponents.

I think it is clear, that i had a special bias for big, mean players, something that the current rosters lacks. If we could pick some of these young men, i would be pretty happy. I also assumed that no pick was traded.

What are your thoughts about these draft targets?

Thanks for reading
June 14, 2015 12:33 PM ET | Delete
Not too bad for a debut. Much better than 99% of the shit on here
June 14, 2015 12:41 PM ET | Delete
I am not sold on Blackwood at all. His numbers are not very good. I think Rasmus goes higher. I like Svechnikov at 16 as well. I think the Oil are high on him too.
June 20, 2015 1:29 PM ET | Delete
agreed with Iggysbff, watched Blackwood this year and he does not look like anything special. Not just looking at his numbers, but just mechanics and such he doesnt look like a strong goalie to me. Of course it helps with his size and such that he has the potential to develop into a talented goalie but as of now i am not sold on him at all. Weak draft class at the position and I believe thats the only reason people are hearing his name.
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