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If he didn’t have it before, Josh Harding should have your respect now.

As if being man enough to don a mask with pink ribbons on it two years ago to promote cancer awareness in the wake of his sister’s diagnosis of breast cancer didn’t earn your kudos, or the fact he took it in stride when his equipment burned in the team truck fire in Ottawa (his new mask is painted up to honor the fire department that put out the blaze), but take the fact that this kid has been playing in agony for two weeks.

On January 21, Harding made two big saves on Pavel Datsyuk and Patrick Eaves, the two Red Wings bearing down on him in a 2-on-0 break. At the time, watching him stretch and slowly get up, I thought he hurt himself. Sure enough, Harding was replaced by Niklas Backstrom to start the second period and it was reported that Harding had injured his hip.

Read the full blog at my gulag for hockey: http://hockeyczar.wordpress.com/2010/02/05/84/
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