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Are the Oilers better?

Posted 6:10 PM ET | Comments 0
A few changes here, and a cross your fingers and hope a lot of the young players improve. I definitely think they are a better team than last year, but playoffs? That I am not buying just yet. Big question mark for me at 3rd line center, they must think Lander is ready, I like the kid but he did not show he was near being ready last year, if one of Hopkins, Gagner or Boyd get hurt? It could be a long season for sure . Defense is a big confusing mess in my mind. They do have a ton of depth at D now, just not sure on the quality. But if Grebeshkov or Belov can put up a few points it might not be so bad, I stress the word might. The Oilers may or may not be that much better this year, but I am excited and can't wait for the season to start.
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