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Hello! I figured since I loved Hockey so much, and the NY Rangers, i'd try my hand at writing a few things about the game when i had the motivation. Thanks to John Marzan for turning me on to this site.
I'm pretty excited about the upcoming season. There's a lot of changes in the Rangers camp but most of them are for the better. I think they did well 2 seasons ago and missed the Cup by only a bit, but last season they seemed all over the place, the season was screwed up due to the lockout.. I think they have a good chance this year but there are so many variables and wildcards right now, it's really hard to predict what's going to happen. New coach Alain Vigneault is way different from Tortorella, and all the new players are gonna make this unpredictable and interesting. Our defense is pretty much in the bag but offensively, I have doubts. Lets hope Nash, Richards and Hagelin hit the net and maybe we'll have a chance at winning.
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