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First time for this, so be gentle

A month away from the start of the season and I couldn't be more excited. A full season of games, an outdoor game every other weekend and 3am Olympic Hockey! Only one thing troubles me and it is the same thing every year.

Drum roll please....

Extended drum roll....

ESPN's continued neglect of anything Hockey. From 35 second game highlights to 'minute and a half' Barry Melrose segments, each year the Sports Network giant buries Hockey coverage behind Indonesian Dart Throwing. I understand, of course the NFL needs 36 hour a day scrutiny of its criminal element however, enough already. SportsCenter could be a nice hour break from NFL Live, Monday Night Countdown and the NFL Insider, so on and so on. How about maybe devoting the top of the show to Oiler/Flames battle for Alberta highlights? Maybe it's the players names that hinders coverage? Aside from Steve Levy or Bucci, anchors constantly butcher Ponikarovsky and Jonathan Audy-Marchessault, stammer through highlights and are completely void of any kind of enthusiasm.

Lets let the NFL Network worry about this years backup to the backup Tackle for the Seahawks and spread the highlight footage around this Fall.

Thanks for reading this.

-js frank
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