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Free Agent Huntin'

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After an embarrassing double-OT playoff elimination for the Vancouver Canucks fans are turning their attention to the free-agent pool. As a loyal Canucks fan I feel that our lack of offense needs to be taken care of. We have solid defense and amazing goaltending so we have built our game around that. I personally feel that we should trade away Mattias Ohlund. He is no longer part of the shut-down defensive pairing and with Salo staying I do not think that he is needed. He's great on the powerplay yes... but Morrison does not mind playing the point with Salo so we might as well stick with that. As for the other Power-Play pairing... I think that Mitchell and Bieksa would do us just fine. As for taking care of the offensive struggles Paul Kariya would be a great addition and with Nashville's depth I think that they could remain at the top of the pack without him. As long as they used their cap-room wisely. But if Nazzy doesn't retire (i think that he will) then the Canucks might focus a little bit on Ryan Smyth to get a newer net presence to play with Naslund and Morrison. If the pair still have it in them. I'm still mas about the Burke loss..... especially when you notice the amazing cup-contending team that he has built in Anaheim. But I am sure that I will forget about all that as long as Nonis makes some great moves in the off-season. So buckle up Canucks fans because your in for a wild ride, and a long playoff run next season. (but then again it's all up to the GM and i'm not the General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks......yet..............................
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June 30, 2007 12:42 AM ET | Delete
Yea that would be great having smyth or kariya for more offensive power
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