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"who is the best goaltender in the NHL"
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This is my first blog, so I figured to start off with a hotly contested subject as the new season starts. Just who is the best goaltender in the NHL. By all accounts I read through this summer, that distinction belongs to either Quick or Lundqvist. Lundqvist has played 3 more seasons than Quick, and since I am a Rangers fan I decided to reduce Henrik's numbers to only 5 seasons, removing his top 3 from the comparison ... here's how the stat line shapes up ...But before I reveal who Goalie A & Goalie B are, ask yourself who is better ...

Goalie A: GP-286, W-149 (.521%), L-100, OTL-29, GA-646, GAA-2.32, SA-7572, SV-6926, SV%-.915%, SO-25

Goalie B: GP-338, W-177 (.524%), L-110, OTL-44, GA-771, GAA-2.32, SA-9351, SV-8580, SV%-.917%, SO-24

Both Quick and Lundqvist have some pretty hefty accolades, and the hardware that goes with them in their trophy cases, but accolades only paint part of picture, and since they are generally won after one particular season and not a career, what to they prove except that the player had a great year.
Quick won a Cup and the Conn Smythe, but I havent heard anyone confusing Corey Crawford or JS Giguere as being tops in net. Same to Lundqvists Vezina and gold medal ... does anyone remember Jim Carey or think Vancouver really chose Luongo over Schneider? So how then, if we discount the accolades and remove our fan hats do we determine the best tender? I say we let the stats, which are pretty damn similar, speak for themselves.

Goalie A = Quick Goalie B = Lundqvist

My analysis, fandom aside, if I were choosing a team, the slightly higher winning %, SV%, and more points gained from OTL games, I would choose Goalie B ... then knowing that if Lundqvist's top 3 seasons were added back into the mix that his Winning and SV% go up, and his GAA goes down, shows that Lundqvist has not only been at least as consistent as Quick over 5 seasons, but has been so longer.rnQuick is a great goaltender and he has a bright future, but he has so far only put up elite status numbers once where his GAA was 2.30 or lower and one season where his SV% was .920% or better ... Lundqvist has had 5 of each out of his 8 seasons. Quick may one day be the best, maybe even one day soon, but today, King Henrik still has that crown.

Thanks for Reading.
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