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Save the Cap Space?

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It has been said that Mr. Holland is still looking at the market. Well who is not? I am feeling very comfortable with the Wings line-up this season. With the coming of age of Johan Franzen, Daniel Cleary and Flip. I think that Johan can replace what Todd Bertuzzi was supposed to bring to the wings grit with the help of aged Dallas Drake. Zetterburg and Datsyuk are definitely some of the best the NHL has to offer. On the defensive end I think we have made improvements from last year. Losing Schneider was a hit and definitely an asset that the Ducks gained but to be replaced by Rafalski is an upgrade. Matt was great on the power play and could be a great excuse for falling to the ducks in the Western Conference finals but he has had the tendency to be sloppy on the defensive side. Rafalski is almost identical of a player besides for a little smarter on the D end and a few years younger. Pairing him up with Lidstrom is incredible and could make for one of the best power-plays in the league. With some very high potential youngsters also coming up like Quincy, Meech, and Kindl. They will have to battle during camp to take that final roster spot.

I think that Holland and Co. should hold tight and that makes them lethal at trade deadline with so much space. I would, however, spend all of our money on Teemu if the option was there. I do not think that is realistic though, considering this year’s market and how many teams have a lot of space remaining that could use a player of his caliber. I think if Teemu plays he will want to play with a contender which could benefit Detroit.

What are your thoughts?
July 27, 2007 12:41 PM ET | Delete
you will do okay. :)
July 27, 2007 2:32 PM ET | Delete
I have been underwhelmed by our off season to this point. We are good enough to waltz through our incredibly weak division. Come playoff time though, we need another top 6 forward who shoots right handed. We have no righties who can score and this stalled our second pp unit. When the pp didn't score, we struggled 5 on 5. I too would like to see us go after Selanne. He is the perfect fit for our club. I'd rather not sign some bit player just to sign someone. A trade during the the season may be the best route, but I certainly sense that our team is not complete at this point. Perhaps if we were in a more competitive division Kenny would feel more pressure to get something done. He's proven to be a pretty shrewd GM, so I'll cut him some slack.....for now.
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