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Trouble in Sabreland

Posted 9:34 AM ET | Comments 0
Here we go again Sabres fans. Yesterday Larry Quinn and Darcy regier held a news conference to defend themselves for the loss of Chris Drury and Daniel Brierre. It brought back haunting memories of the last time Quinn was involved with the Sabres. Can you remember the way Mike Peca was handled? How about Ted Nolan and John Muckler. Quinn was a very disruptive presence then and he seems to be doing it again. The Sabres sank into mediocrity and bankruptcy soon followed. Quinn may not have been responsible for the bankruptcy but he surely hand a hand in the Sabres nosedive. Now it appears the Sabres are sinking again and Quinn is heavily involved. My advice to Mr Gollisano........Ditch Quinn and bring in a "REAL" hockey man........
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