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I've been a Blues fan for a long time now and it ceases to amaze me at how little attention the team gets, both in local and national news.rnrnrnrnI realize that St. Louis isn't considered a major market, when it's compared to cities like New York or Pittsburgh, but what does a team have to do to get some respect. Right now, the Blues are at the top of the Central Division. The have the league-leading goal scorer and arguably the best 1-2 defensive pair in the league. They currently sit 3rd in league standings, but they have 4 games in hand and are only 2 points behind the league leader Chicago Blackhawks.rnrnrnI know that most people will say that until you win a cup, you won't get any respect. But I digress. Look at teams like Florida and Tampa Bay; they have both won the cup and both are larger markets than St. Louis, but neither of them get any respect as well. If it weren't for Steven Stamkos, I don't think people would even know that Tampa still has a team.rnrnrnNew York hasn't won a cup since 1994 and every time I turn on the TV, there's Lundquist walking into the locker room with his George Michael five o'clock shadow and his $2000 suit. Pittsburgh I understand. They won the cup a few years back and they have the league's poster boy as their captain.rnrnrnSo what does it take?rnrnrnIs it having a tough team? rnrnrnAsk any player or coach in the league, and they will tell you that the Blues are a heavy team and very difficult to play against. Not only can they beat you physically on any line, but they have the ability, more this year than previous years, to run the score up on you too. rnrnrnIs it a fan base?rnrnrnUnlike many arenas, rarely do you ever see the Scottrade Center at anything less than 3/4 capacity and fans here in St. Louis can tell you the names of actual players on the roster, not just someone named Hull.rnrnrnIs it having star players?rnrnrnSome may say so, but I don't believe this. Philly doesn't have the star power they once had and at least once a week, their game is televised as a "showdown" of some sort. Hell, Buffalo had 2 games nationally televised just a couple of weeks ago and there are some who think that without Ryan Miller, they couldn't beat Boston College.rnrnrnI wish I did, but I don't have the answer. All I can say is that I will put the Blues up against any team any night of the week. They are a cup contender and they have earned respect.
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Which cup did Florida win?
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