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Who do I cheer For?

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With the Oilers being out of playoff contention for sometime now, I've been debating who to root for in the playoffs. I thought I'd cheer for the Islanders with Smytty, my favourite player of all time,on the roster. Maybe the Sabres with them being a local team.

Islanders? With my favourite player of all time now on the roster. Sorry, not you Bergy. They beat out the most evil team in hockey for the 8th spot. Making it to the playoffs with a minor league goalie, something that Montreal couldn't pull off. I have a Smyth and Bergeron Islanders jersey.

Sabres? 50 minutes down the road. Been to 5 games this season. Probably the most fun to watch. Gotta love how they developed so many prospects. Battled there way through a rash of injuries and stayed on top of the league. Beef on weck! Vanek, Briere, Drury, Max, Miller, Campbell....Let's Go Buffalo!

Sorry Smytty, but I'm going to have to side with the Sabres on this one. They have had fan support all season with everygame sold out. I think it means more to the people of Buffalo then those on the Island to have the there team win.

Prediction: Sabres in 5
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