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I would believe that most Flames fans are hoping for a terrible season, sounds crazy doesn't it? With Connor McDavid going to be the #1 pick in 2015 it would be in the Flames best interest to finish last. How would they do this? First the two names we are hearing locally as players the Flames could use from the draft are Ritchie and Virtanen not Bennett and Draisatl. I would trade down from 4 with any of the teams who are picking from 8-13 for their pick and a prospect. Virtanen and Ritchie will still be there in this pick window. Secondly I would take on veteran salary from other teams, Whether that's Vinny from Philly ,Brad Richards, Marty Havlat or whoever! Bring back Iggy even! We have money to burn and these men could plug some gaps and teach the young guys. Third, we need to gut some of the "heart" of this team. Sounds dumb I know but as long as the Flames have character guys who give it their all we will never bottom out and get the type of players that Chicago and L.A are currently enjoying success with. Glencross, Giordano and the like deserve a better fate than they currently have on this team, I think some well thought out trades for these guys for picks would help the Flames long term. Let me know what you think.
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