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"candy land or leaf land, only nonis knows!"
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keep it coming nonis!

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After a safe night at the draft table, gm Dave nonis did what most general managers would do. Take the best available player. William Nylander gives the leafs options going forward on the wing (with the likes of lupul gone soon)

Today he started off the day even better, by finally moving Carl gunnerson to St Louis for a large gritty Defenseman in Roman polak. Personally ive wanted him off the Toronto roster since the days of Ron wilson. This move gives the back end some size with still having great puck moving D in the likes of Reilly and TJ Bren.

In the coming days I think we will hear more and more speculation on the dirty dion contract and is it still even possible for the leafs to move him without crippling the roster and salary cap.

One last note "I hear bozak-dion and a second round pick for Eric staal" look for that pick to possibly be a first rounder because of high interest from other clubs
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