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Mr. Burke

Posted 10:52 AM ET | Comments 0
As silly season reaches a fever pitch around the NHL the Maple Leafs are in the midst of a bed crapping to end all bed crappings and this should be seen as a reason to not go out and sell the farm to just squeak into the playoffs. I would love to see them go out and land a premiere center but at what cost, reducing a already questionable defense corps? Will Getzlaf or Carter stop guys from being soft in front of their net? Will trading away a top prospect, our highest +/- defense man and our first round pick make James Reimer see the puck better? How about Gustavsson, do you feel he could be the guy if not Reimer? My point is, it is not easy being a Leafs fan but throwing away major pieces of the future of this team for another. Couple weeks in April makes no sense to me.
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